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1978-1979 Cadillac Seville
Designed by Gucci

Cadillac Gucci Seville at a glance:

Year(s) available:
1978-1979 (continued through the second generation 1985 Seville model year)
Paint: 1978 - Cotillion White (11), Sable Black (19), or Demitasse Brown (64)
1979 - Cotillion White (11), Sable Black (19), or Post Road Brown (69)
Interior: 1978 - Antique Medium Saddle Leather (602)
1979 - Antique Saddle Leather (603)
Production: 1978 - Unknown; 1979 - Approximately 200
Price: 1978 - $19,900
1979 - $22,900

Image: 1979 Cadillac Gucci Seville

Lincoln had Bill Blass, Cartier, Givenchy, and Pucci...and Cadillac had Gucci. Introduced in 1978, the Limited Edition Gucci Seville wasn't a factory model built by Cadillac, nor were they authorized to be sold by Cadillac dealers. The Gucci Seville was the product of International Automotive Design (IAD) Incorporated. Based in Miami, Florida, the company built the cars during the 1978 and 1979 model years.

In collaboration with Aldo Gucci, these special Sevilles left the factory as stock production vehicles, and were delivered to a Cadillac dealer in Miami. They were painted in one of the three colors offered, white, black, or dark brown, and were ordered without the padded vinyl roof.

Inside, Saddle-colored leather upholstery was fitted, and virtually every optional feature was included as well, except for the Diesel Engine which was $350 and the Astroroof, which was $1,400 more, either of which could be ordered to suit the customer's preference.

In an endorsement of the project, Aldo Gucci wrote, "The Gucci styling we have created for this car is designed to give a fortunate few owners a rare possession of distinction, beauty and ultimate luxury." He further indicated that designing the car had been one of the most challenging and intriguing projects he had ever undertaken. No doubt inspired to some degree by the Designer Series Continental Marks that had been introduced in 1976 and had grown in popularity in the years since, these cars were a unique infusion of Detroit styling and the high fashion world of designer fabrics, colors, patterns, and other details. Included below is a complete list of the unique features and touches that made the Gucci Seville a car apart from all others.

  • Gold GG hood ornament
  • Gold GG emblems on wire wheel covers
  • Gold GG and horse bit design on front fenders
  • Gold Gucci family crest on outside roof panels
  • Green/red/green Gucci stripe on both sides of the automobile
  • Green/red/green Gucci stripe across the rear deck lid
  • Gold block letters spell out GUCCI on the left side of the rear deck lid
  • Vinyl roof with exclusive Gucci GG design material
  • Gucci GG design material to match vinyl roof on armrests, headrests, headliner, and floor mats
  • Gold Gucci nameplate on steering wheel center hub
  • Gold Gucci GG on inside pillar posts
  • Gucci signature on dashboard
  • Complete set of Gucci luggage in the trunk (5 pieces)
Image: Gucci Seville interior Image: Gucci Seville interior

Image: Gucci Seville hood ornamentAll of the Gucci crests, nameplates, and emblems were 24K gold plated, imported from Florence, Italy. Of the three colors available, the Cotillion White finish was the most popular. The material used on the vinyl roof and interior components featured the Gucci interlocking G design. The interior material has held up well over the years, but the material used to cover the rear section of the roof has demonstrated some susceptibility to deterioration from exposure to the sun.

Unfortunately, the gold plated items that were provided as part of this after market package are highly desirable to unscrupulous individuals, and many cars are either missing some or all of the gold plated items. In some instances, those items have been removed by the owner and place in safe keeping, replaced with standard Cadillac parts.

LEFT: 24K gold GG hood ornament

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