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Optional Equipment
Fleetwood Eldorado by Cadillac
1967 Cadillac Twilight Sentinel demonstration


(A) Front Seat Warmer ($60.20)
(B) Contoured Bucket Front Seats with Console
     (Leather Upholstery Required) ($184)
(B) Rear Window Defogger ($27)
(C) Cruise Control ($95)
(D) Door Guards ($4.75)
(E) Soft Ray Glass ($50.55)
(F) Front Disc Brakes ($105.25)
(H) Front Seat Headrests ($53)
(I) Twilight Sentinel ($37)
(J) Rear Center Seat Belt ($11)
(K) Automatic Climate Control ($515.75)
(L) License Frame (Single $6; Pair $12)
(M) Automatic Door Locks ($47)
(N) Power Rear Vent Windows ($63.15)
(O) License Frame ($6 single; $12 pair)
(P) Auxiliary Horn ($12)
(Q) Tilt and Telescope Steering Wheel ($89.50)
(R) Reclining Front Seat (Includes Headrests) ($84)
(S) Remote Control Trunk Lock ($52)
(U) Guide-Matic Power Headlamp Dimmer ($50)
(W) White Sidewall Tires ($56.35)
(Y) Six-Way Power Front Seat (Strato Bench Seat
     Only) ($83.15)
(Y) Four-Way Power Left Bucket Seat ($53)
(Z) Front Shoulder Straps ($32)
(1) AM-FM Stereo Radio (Includes Two Front and Two
     Rear Speakers and Power Antenna) ($287.90)
(2) AM-FM Radio (Includes Front and Rear Speakers
     and Power Antenna) ($188)
(3) AM Radio (Includes Front and Rear Speakers and
     Power Antenna) ($162)
(5) Stereo Tape System (Includes Two Front and Two
     Rear Speakers; Radio Required) ($133.80)
Firemist Paint Finish ($132)
Leather Upholstery ($157.90)
Padded Vinyl Roof ($131.60)
Closed Positive Crankcase Ventilator (Required in
     California) ($4)
Air Injection Reactor (Required in California) ($34.13)
Image: 1967 Cadillac Eldorado options
Tilt and Telescope Steering Wheel (top left) adjusts four ways (up, down, in, or out) for the perfect angle for any driver. Spring assist tilts wheel up for easier entry and exit.

Padded Vinyl Roof (bottom left) available in five colors: Sandalwood, Dark Brown, White, Dark Blue or Black.

Cadillac Radios—The AM Radio (top center) includes an automatic signal selector, power antenna, front and rear speakers, and full tone control. AM/FM Radio includes everything that comes with the AM Radio plus an automatic frequency control. AM/FM Stereo Radio has the full richness of stereo FM with four cross-balanced speakers (two front and two rear), which pairs the left front speaker with the right rear, and the right front speaker with the left rear for true stereo sound for all passengers (illustrated on bottom right).

Front Seat Headrests available in two styles: bench type seat (top center right) or bucket seats (bottom center right).

Six-Way Power Seat (top right) provides horizontal, vertical, and angle adjustment for maximum comfort, so every driver can be perfectly comfortable. (Not available with bucket seat option, which offers a four-way adjustment.)

Twilight Sentinel
Twilight Sentinel
(illustrated at top of left column) serves a dual function. It escorts passengers inside with a headlamp delay of up to ninety seconds to light their path at night. Lights extinguish themselves automatically according to preset time. Either of the front Cornering Lamps may be left on as well. Lights turn on or off automatically according to light conditions.

Cruise Control
Cruise Control
allows driver to dial in desired speed, maintains that speed automatically. Also acts as a speed reminder with gentle back pressure of accelerator pedal when set speed is reached.

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