Automotive Mileposts  
Optional Equipment
Fleetwood Eldorado by Cadillac image

AM-FM Stereo Radio with Two Front and Two Rear  
Speakers and Power Antenna ($288.40) 1
AM-FM Radio with Front and Rear Speakers  
and Power Antenna ($188.40) 2
Trumpet Horn ($16) AG
Rear Window Defogger ($26.35) B
Cruise Control ($94.75) C
Two Door Edge Guards ($5.30) D
Soft Ray Tinted Glass ($52.65) E
One-Piece Front and Rear Floor Mats ($19.80) F1
Twilight Sentinel ($36.85) J
Automatic Climate Control ($515.75) K
License Frame ($6.30) L
Power Door Locks (Includes Automatic Seat  
Back Release) ($68.40) M
Tilt and Telescope Steering Wheel ($94.75) Q
Front Head Restraints (before January 1, 1969) ($17.90) R
Remote Control Trunk Release ($52.65) S
Guide-Matic Headlamp Control ($51) U
Whitewall Tires ($56.85) W
Five Fiberglass Belted Whitewall Tires ($93.70) X
Six-Way Power Front Seat (Bench Seat Only) ($89.50) Y
Bucket Seats with Console  
(Leather upholstery required) ($184)
AM Radio with Front and Rear Speakers and  
Power Antenna ($162)
Padded Vinyl Roof ($158)
Leather Upholstery ($157.90)
Firemist Paint ($132)
Four-Way Power Left-Hand Bucket Seat ($53)
*Electric-Powered Sunroof (Vinyl Roof required,  
Six-Way Seat recommended) ($626)
Front Seat Warmer ($95)
High Mileage Heavy-Duty Whitewall Tires ($83)

*Introduced during late production
1969 Cadillac Twilight SentinelEldorado not shown in photo at left.
^Twilight Sentinel turns driving lights on and off automatically, and allows headlamps and either cornering light to remain on for up to 90 seconds to light your way at night.
1969 Cadillac Tilt and Telescope Steering Wheel
^Tilt and Telescope Steering Wheel adjusts up and down or in and out to suit the personal comfort of multiple drivers. Internal spring tilts wheel up for easier entry and exit.
1969 Eldorado Cruise Control
^Cruise Control on Eldorado is vacuum-operated, maintains selected speed without use of the accelerator pedal.
1969 Eldorado Remote Control Trunk Release
^Remote Control Trunk Release push button in glove compartment allows trunk lid to unlock and raise for attendants outside the car, features red warning light on instrument panel when lid is open, and a power latching feature that automatically locks the trunk lid when it is lowered to an almost closed position. Cadillac historians and experts will notice the car pictured in this illustration from the 1969 Cadillac sales brochure has a 1968 Eldorado door trim panel.

1969 Cadillac Rear Defog and Seat Heat Controls
^Rear Window Defogger and Front Seat Warmer allows you to clear the rear window of fog and keep yourself warm with just the flip of these two instrument panel-mounted controls. Defogger features two speed fan.
1969 Cadillac Instrument Panel
^New 1969 Instrument Panel groups all controls within easy and convenient reach of the driver. Note the Cruise Control, Rear Defogger, Front Seat Warmer, and AM-FM Stereo Radio on this example. The steering wheel rim sounds the horns whenever pressure is applied to the inner side of any part of the wheel.

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