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Automotive Mileposts  
Standard Equipment
Fleetwood Eldorado by Cadillac
1969 Cadillac Fleetwood Eldorado in Astral Blue Metallic
472 Cubic Inch V-8 Engine (375 Horsepower)
Turbo Hydra-Matic Automatic Transmission
Front Disc Dual Power Brakes
Automatic Parking Brake Release
Variable-Ratio Power Steering
Cornering Lights
Power Windows
Heater and Defroster
Front Seat Center Armrest
Automatic Level Control
Front and Rear Ash Trays and Cigarette Lighters (4 total)
Electric Clock
Two-Way Power Front Seat
Glove Box with Positive Opening and Locking Feature
Lights: Front Ash Receiver, Rear Compartment, Automatic
     Courtesy, Directional Indicators, Front and Rear Side
     Markers, Glove Box, Map, Luggage Compartment, and Door
     Panel Safety Warning
Backup Light
Inside Two-Way Padded Mirror
Outside Remote Control Left Mirror
Padded Instrument Panel
Seat Belts, Front and Rear with Front Outboard Side Retractable
Shoulder Belts, Driver and Right Front Passenger
Power Rear Vent Windows (New standard feature for '69)
Visor Vanity Mirror
Windshield Washer and Wipers
Front Seat Receptacle
Power WindowsPower Windows are controlled by switches mounted on driver's door armrest. A Window Lock switch allows driver to prohibit passenger's from using their individual switches. The Outside Remote Control Left Mirror adjustment is also shown.

Eldorado not shown in photo at left.
Two-Way Power Front SeatTwo-Way Power Front Seat allowed drivers to move seat fore or aft at the touch of a switch.

Eldorado not shown in photo at left.
Front Seat Receptacle
New Front Seat Receptacle made stowing safety belts not in use more convenient.