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Optional Equipment
1970 Eldorado
Fleetwood Eldorado by Cadillac

1 Signal-Seeking AM/FM Stereo Radio ($322.10)
2 AM-FM Radio with Front and Rear Speakers and Power Antenna ($188.40)
AG Trumpet Horn ($15)
B Rear Window Defogger ($37)
C Cruise Control ($95)
D Door Edge Guards ($6.35)
E Soft Ray Glass ($52.65)
F1 Front and Rear Floor Mats ($20)
J Twilight Sentinel ($37)
K Automatic Climate Control ($515.75)
L License Plate Frame ($6)
M Power Door Locks and Seat Back Release($68.45)
Q Tilt and Telescope Steering Wheel ($94.75)
S Remote Control Trunk Lock with Warning Light ($53)
U Guide-Matic Headlamp Control ($51)
W White Sidewall Tires ($40.00)
Y Power Seat, Six-Way ($89.50)
Bucket Seats with Console (Leather trim required) ($184)
Bucket Seats with Console (Cloth trim; special order only) ($292)
Special Carpeting (Special order only) ($37)
Firemist Paint (Special order only) ($131.60)
Special Paint (Special order only; not Firemist color) ($179)
Leather Upholstery ($184.20)
Trunk Mat ($20)
Power Seat, Four-Way Left Hand Bucket ($53)
Rear Shoulder Belts ($32)
Electric-Powered Sunroof (Vinyl Roof required; Six-Way Seat
Vinyl Roof ($157.90)
Stereo Tape Player ($133.75)
Track Master Anti-Skid Control (Late introduction) ($211)
Climate Control
From desert heat to mountain snow, Climate Control uniformly maintains the temperature you select. Lower velocity fan delivers maximum air circulation, with less noise. When heat is required, an automatic delay prevents system from blowing cold air into the passenger compartment.
Did you know?

The added high "C" note of the Trumpet Horn option blends harmoniously with those already provided with every Cadillac. (And they're loud enough to make sure others hear them!)
Cruise Control
Cruise Control automatically maintains preselected speed regardless of terrain, a touch of the fingertip control engages system, and illuminates green "Cruise" warning light on instrument panel to remind driver it has been set.
Stereo Tape PlayerStereo Tape Player permits you to play the music of your choice, with the full fidelity of your Eldorado radio. 8-Track stereo cartridges offer a complete range of musical choices, and were readily available in 1970.

Inserting cartridge into slot automatically switches from radio to stereo tape, removing cartridge turns radio back on. Separate volume and tone controls are provided on the tape player.
Power Door Locks
Power Door Locks feature electric control switch on each front door armrest to lock and unlock doors. A folding seatback lock release is also included that unlocks seatbacks when either door is opened.
Tilt and Telescope Steering WheelTilt and Telescope Steering Wheel is adjustable to suit the preference of any driver. Tilt up or down, adjust in or out, Tilt Wheel also swings up at the touch of a lever for easier entry, exit.

Two levers are provided on the left side of the steering column. The tilt lever is slightly shorter and behind the turn signal lever. Pulling this lever toward driver allows the angle to be adjusted.

A small knob at the top of the steering wheel hub locks and unlocks the telescopic feature.

Both the tilt and telescope may be adjusted to driver's preference while driving, but of course caution is required while doing so.
AM/FM Signal Seeking Stereo Radio
AM/FM Signal Seeking Stereo Radio provides four-speaker stereo sound. Signal seeking bar will even select "stereo only" stations if desired. Amber-colored "Stereo" illuminates on dial, shown above behind pointer, when stereo station is selected.

Band rotates to indicate AM or FM stations, and a tone control and front to rear balance control are provided.
Power SunroofOptional Power Sunroof was operated by a toggle switch on the instrument panel, occupying the same spot the top control switch was located on the deVille Convertible.

The sunroof panel was similar to those offered in other automobiles, provided by American Sunroof Corporation (ASC). The sunroof was also available on the Coupe deVille and Fleetwood Brougham, but is most commonly seen on the Fleetwood Eldorado.

It is a very rare option, and was not commonly installed on any Cadillac model until around 1974, when they became more popular.
Radio Foot-Control Switch
Optional Radio Foot-Control Switch was available with either of the Cadillac signal seeking radios. Tapping the floor-mounted switch allows driver to change stations without looking away from the road. Sensitivity of the signal seeking function depends on the last setting used on the radio controls, and if set for "stereo only", control will limit search only to FM stations broadcasting in stereo.
1970 Eldorado with the del Caballero Package
1970 Fleetwood Eldorado equipped with the del Caballero package.

Although this car is missing its special wheel covers, one can tell at a glance that it isn't a standard Eldorado. Some consider the package a bit too flamboyant for their taste, but others felt it was a good way to express themselves. Like it or not, these cars are quite rare, some reports indicate only 13 were made for 1970. Only time will tell what the true value of this after market trim package will be, but it certainly stands out, regardless of which angle you look at it from.

1970 Eldorado El Clasico
Image: del Caballero script
About the del Caballero...

Not a factory option, the del Caballero was available for all 1967-1970 Eldorados. Consisting of a heavy chrome-plated grille enclosure, special wheel covers, a padded landau vinyl roof with stainless steel crossover band that eliminated the rear vent windows, simulated S-bars on the roof rear quarters, textured stainless steel or vinyl insert door sill trim, "del Caballero" script on the front fenders, and limousine-style rear window. Various stand-up grille ornaments were available, as was a power sunroof, at additional charge.

The del Caballero was created by George Barris' Kustom City in North Hollywood, California. Barris is best known for his custom work on the "Batmobile", which was of course originally the 1955 Lincoln Futura [image link opens in new window] show car. Barris also customized cars for celebrities and anyone else who could afford the cost of distinction. Barris contracted with Universal Coach of Los Angeles and Detroit to build these specially-ordered cars, which could be ordered through any Cadillac dealer.

Depending on equipment chosen, the del Caballero package added $2,500 to $4,500 to the sticker price!

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