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Image: 1972 Cadillac Fleetwood Eldorado Coupe

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1972 Cadillac
Fleetwood Eldorado

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Image: 1972 Cadillac Fleetwood Eldorado details

1972 was a landmark year the Cadillac Motor Car Division. Cadillac marked its 70th Anniversary this year, as well as setting two new production records: 267,787 cars were built for the model year, breaking the old record of 238,745 built in 1970, and for the first time ever, more than a quarter of a million Cadillacs were built in a single model year!

Because the Fleetwood Eldorado had introduced all new styling a year earlier, changes to the 1972 models were minor. Two models were again available, the Coupe and the Convertible. A new grille emphasized the vertical bars, which were more widely spaced than previously, and the chrome header at the top of the grille was somewhat wider, with the Cadillac name in script stamped on the driver's side. A thin rub strip made of polyvinyl chloride was added to the horizontal surfaces of the front bumper, which was improved for 1972 to resist damage from minor impacts. The front bumper was moved away from the car a distance of ¾" to increase yield strength, which is the distance a bumper yields to force before it returns. This allows 1½" of total movement without damage to the sheet metal. A similar strip was placed vertically on the rear bumper ends, and both front and rear strips included a white decorative strip down the center for 1972.

Eldorado script appeared on the front fenders above the cornering and side marker lights, and the nameplate with small block letters stating "8.2 Litre" was placed just below the body side molding, which was mounted midway on the front fender, behind the front wheel opening.

New wheel discs featured a series of concentric rings, and were a bit dressier than before.

An important new dress up option was introduced during the 1972 model year, and it was exclusive to the Eldorado Coupe. The "Custom Cabriolet" roof included a rear roof covered with padded Elk Grain Vinyl. A chrome molding bordered by vinyl welts separated the rear vinyl-covered section of the roof from the front painted section. The edge of the vinyl roof around the rear window was rolled, giving it a custom tailored appearance, and a French seam was used to attach the rear section of the top around the window to the front section. Fleetwood wreath and crest emblems were placed just behind the Coach Windows, and the lower edge molding of the vinyl roof sat lower and followed the contour of the rear fender. The Custom Cabriolet roof was a very elegant option that added a lot of distinction to the Eldorado Coupe. It was available in seven colors, and could be ordered with or without an electrically operated Sunroof.

The accent stripes introduced in 1971 were modified for 1972, and were now separate dual hood stripes. The lower one ran forward from the rear upper edge of the front door, following the contour of the hood, along the top edge of the vertical surface and across the front and back to the rear edge of the other door. Another stripe followed the bevel on top of the hood, which was offset back from the edge and ended at the rear edge of the hood.

Inside, two new upholstery fabrics were offered for the Coupe, a sculptured Morocco Cloth in four colors or textured Mandate Cloth in three colors. Sierra grain leather remained standard on the Convertible, and was optionally available on the Coupe in eight colors, plus white with a choice of four carpet colors to complement the exterior paint finish. The Dual Comfort front seat was available for the first time in 1972 on the Eldorado, and could be ordered on both models.

The Eldorado Convertible top was available in five colors for 1972, and a new two-piece hard boot became available as well. Often called a "parade boot," the hard boot provided a more tailored appearance, and was easier to install than the traditional vinyl boot.

The Lamp Monitors which were first offered as options in 1971 were made standard for 1972, before returning to the options list in 1973. It would seem Cadillac couldn't decide what to do with them, as they remained options through 1974, then were listed as a standard item again for 1975.

The Flow-Thru Ventilation was revised and did away with the louvered rear deck lid by placing one way exhaust valves in the door lock facings. This improved performance of the system, as well as cleaned up the exterior styling. 1972 was a great year to buy a new Cadillac, and it represents a very memorable year in Cadillac history.


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