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1964 Lincoln Continental
Standard Equipment

The '64 Continental is an almost completely automatic automobile


430 Cubic Inch V-8 Engine, 320 Horsepower
Twin-Range Turbo-Drive Automatic Transmission
2.89:1 Rear Axle Ratio
Power Steering
Power Brakes
Power Side Window Regulators
Power Vent Window Regulators
Six-Way Power Seat
Vacuum Powered Inside Door Locks
Electrically Powered Radio Antenna
High-Efficiency Heater and Defroster System
Hydraulic, Variable-Speed Windshield Wipers
Electric Powered Windshield Washer
Fully Automatic Electric Powered Convertible Top
Automatic Parking Brake Release
Fully Instrumented Panel with Battery Charge, Oil Pressure, Engine Temperature, and Fuel Gauges
Fuel Gauge Warning Light
Trip Odometer*
Instrument Panel Map Light Connected to Courtesy Light Circuits
20 Inch Windshield Wiper Blades*
Low-Reflectance Vinyl Cover for Instrument Panel
Four-Light Courtesy Light Circuits* (Sedan)
Dual 15-Candlepower Rear Roof Pillar Lights
Dual Aluminized and Stainless Steel Mufflers
16-Inch Safety Steering Wheel
Warning Light Indicating Rear Door Not Closed
Back-Up Lights
All-Transistor AM Radio with Rear Speaker
Foam Latex Front and Rear Seat Cushions
Center Armrests, Front and Rear
Remote Control Sideview Mirror
Vanity Mirror on Front Visor
Windshield-Mounted Rearview Mirror
Seamless, Cut-Pile Nylon Carpeting
Turn Signals
Lights for Glove Compartment, Ash Trays and Trunk Compartment
Rocker Panel, Fender and Rear Quarter Moldings
Windshield, Rear Window and Wheel Cutout Moldings
Dual Headlamps
Electric Clock
Five White Sidewall Tires
Continental Star Wheel Covers*
Full-Flow Oil Filter
Fully Lined Trunk Compartment with Tire and Jack Covers
Factory-Installed Undercoating
Dry-Type Carburetor Air Cleaner
Crankcase Emission Reduction System
Padded Instrument Panel and Padded Sun Visors
Dual Rear Seat Ash Trays with Cigarette Lighters
Versailles Cloth and Leather Biscuit Design Interior in 3 Colors*
Continental Symbol Cloth and Leather Pleated Design in 6 Colors*
Leather Pleated Design in 10 Colors (Standard on Convertible only)
Walnut-Grained Vinyl Interior Paneling (No charge option)

*New standard equipment item for 1964

Styling changes to the 1964 Lincoln Continental were so subtle they were barely evident, yet those changes reflected the most significant styling updates to the car since this body style was introduced three years earlier. Lincoln emphasized the fact that no less expensive models were available in the line.

Below, row one: Classic front fender styling continues, but a new grille design freshens up the appearance.

Row two: A wider roof allows for increased headroom, larger windshield and rear window glass, and wider rear doors provide more room for entry to the rear seat area.

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Image: 1964 Lincoln Continental standard equipment and styling

Above, row one: A new rear grille design on the lower deck lid and within the rear bumper ties the front and rear styling together. New rear side windows are larger, and have a squared off upper rear corner for '64, giving the roof line a more elegant appearance.

Row two: Classic tail lamps and profile remain, ensuring the 1964 Lincoln Continental will remain as timeless as the original 1961 design.