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Lincoln Continental Town Brougham
Handling and Care Instructions

Keeping up appearances: look, but don't operate

Because the Lincoln Continental Town Brougham Show Car was cobbled, it was not considered safe for operation on any road. It was never intended to do anything other than be shown. The drive train was stock Lincoln Continental, and the steering and braking systems operated normally, as did the engine and transmission. However, the instruments were never connected which meant a loss of engine oil pressure, an engine overheating condition, low or no fuel, or a non-functioning alternator wouldn't be noticed by whoever was operating the vehicle until it was too late.

Lincoln provided Instructions for Handling and Care (shown below) to everyone who might be required to handle, move, service, or detail the vehicle. Additionally, a notation was made that in case of damage to the car's finish, paint touch up should not be attempted in the field, that an expert from the Styling paint shop would be dispatched to make any repairs. Specific instructions on how to care for the exterior paint and interior fabric of the car were also included.

Image: 1964 Lincoln Continental Town Brougham documentation