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1965 Lincoln Continental
Town Brougham Show Car

An exterior update reflected current 1965 Lincoln styling

Image: 1965 Lincoln Continental Town Brougham

Image: Lincoln Continental Town Brougham interiorAn exterior styling update to the Lincoln Continental Town Brougham Show Car was done to reflect current 1965 Lincoln Continental styling. This included replacement of the front fenders, grille, front bumper, rear tail lamp lenses, and the rear bumper. The front fender turning light and Continental Star emblems did not reappear on the 1965 car. A double chrome rocker panel molding was added, as was a simulated pull-out roof section over the chauffeur's compartment. The Plaza Blue Pearl color from last year remained the same, although it was renamed Dark Blue Pearl.

The Town Brougham was still not designed to be driven, other than for very short distances and at low speeds. It was never considered for production, although Automotive Mileposts has documented a 1965 Lincoln Continental Sedan that appears to have factory-installed S-bars on the roof sides. The car at the time of documentation still wore its original Arctic White paint, White vinyl roof, and White and Black two tone leather interior. The S-bar inserts were white to match the vinyl roof color. It is certainly possible the S-bars were added by the dealer at time of delivery, however the grandson of the original owner said the car was ordered that way, and was delivered from the factory with the S-bars in place. We've never found anything to indicate a special trim package was put together for the 1965 Continentals, but it is certainly possible the additional trim could have been provided to Lincoln dealers in cities where the Town Brougham appeared. This particular car is one of two we have seen with the S-bar, the other one was Arctic White with a Black vinyl roof and Black leather interior. We were not able to document this car as we were the all-white one.

The Town Brougham still exists today, and is a rare example of a Ford show car that survived and was later sold to the public. The 1965 Ford Thunderbird Town Landau Show Car was another that was sold after the 1965 auto shows ended.