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1969 Lincoln Continental
Optional Equipment

Lincoln Continental luxury options to comfort and pamper

Image: 1969 Lincoln Continental options

Interior Luxury Options
Tilt Steering Wheel ($72.20)
Manual Control Air Conditioner ($503.70)
Automatic Temperature Control System ($523.30)
AM Radio with Dual Rear Speakers and Power Antenna ($161.40)
AM/FM Signal-Seeking Radio with Dual Rear Speakers and Power Antenna ($244.40)
AM Radio/Stereo-Sonic Tape System with Four Speakers and Power Antenna ($245.30)
AM/FM Signal-Seeking Stereo Radio with Tunnel-Mounted Stereo Reception Adapter* ($288.60)
Stereo-Sonic Tape System, Independent ($130.10)
Power Door Locks ($47.30 Coupé; $68.20 Sedan)
Automatic Headlamp Dimmer ($51.20)
Speed Control ($94.50)
Six-Way Power Seat ($89.20)
Individually Adjustable Contour Front Seats with Reclining Passenger's Seat and Console, with Six-Way Power Driver's Seat, and Two-Way Power Passenger's Seat ($334.50)
Reclining Passenger's Seat for Bench Seat (Includes Six-Way Power Seat) ($149.60)
Power Vent Windows ($72.20)
Deluxe Rear Seat Shoulder Belts ($32.00)
Rear Window Defogger with Environmental Control* ($42.40)
Deluxe Front Head Rests (Became standard on January 1, 1969) ($17.00)
Remote Control Deck Lid Release ($40.70)
Leather with Vinyl Trim (choice of two styles) ($137.80)
Town Car Interior* ($249.20)

Exterior Luxury Options
Tinted Glass ($52.50)
Vinyl-Covered Roof ($152.20)
White Sidewall Tires ($56.40)
Flared Wheel Covers ($59.10)
Goodyear Dual-Chamber Fiberglass Belted White Sidewall Tires ($196.80)
Automatic Ride Control ($89.98)
High Torque Axle (No Charge)
Directed Power Differential ($57.50)
Remote Control Right Hand Outside Mirror ($13.15)
Spare Tire Cover ($11.90)
Appearance Protection Group (Researching Coupe; $18.40 Sedan)
Door Edge Guard ($4.00 Coupé; $8.00 Sedan—included with Appearance Protection Group option)

*New option for 1969

Note: Where prices aren't included, AM is researching and will update that information when it becomes available.