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1969 Lincoln Continental
Town Car Interior Trim Option

An ultra-luxurious new interior for the Sedan

Lincoln offered an ultra-luxurious interior trim option for the 1969 Lincoln Continental Sedan. Featuring luxurious, glove soft leather seating surfaces with vinyl trim in a unique sew style that eliminated the vertical pleats and diamond-tufted sew pattern of standard Lincoln interiors. In its place was a sew pattern that featured two horizontal straps on the cushion and seat back, with color-keyed chrome buckles at the end of each strap (4 on each seat back and cushion, for a total of 16 for the front and 16 for the rear seat). This design was repeated on the padded vinyl door panels.

The Town Car interior was available in just 5 colors, each chosen in keeping with the conservative theme considered appropriate for such a dignified automobile: Black, Dark Blue, Dark Ivy Gold, Light Ivy Gold, and White (shown at right). The flashier red, aqua, and nugget gold colors were not to be found anywhere.

Two more unique features of the Town Car interior included the elimination of the simulation walnut-grain inserts on the instrument panel and door arm rests. In its place was a color-keyed padded vinyl insert on the instrument panel, and color-keyed inserts in the door arm rests. Even the walnut-grain insert that normally bordered the instrument panel trim in front of the passenger was color-keyed on the Town Car interiors. Overhead, a new textured nylon headlining material was used for the first time, and it was unique to the Town Car interior.

The changes gave the interior an overall monotone effect, and were a refreshing change to many who were growing weary of the simulated woodgrain that had found its way into more and more car interiors during this time.

It's important to note that the 1969 Lincoln Continental did not offer a Town Car model, this was simply an interior trim package. The first official Town Car wouldn't appear until 2 years later, with the 1971 Lincoln Continental Golden Anniversary Town Car, [link opens in new window], which became a regular production model in 1972.

The Town Car interior was available with all exterior and vinyl roof color combinations, as long as they were normally available with the particular interior shade chosen.

Cost: $249.20 MFSR

Colors Available:

  • Black (Trim Code KA)
  • Dark Blue (KB)
  • Dark Ivy Gold (KG)
  • Light Ivy Gold (CG)
  • Silver (KL)
  • White (KW)

Town Car Interior Option includes:

  • Unique leather and vinyl seats
  • Unique vinyl door panels
  • Special napped-nylon headliner
  • Extra plush cut-pile carpeting
  • Color-keyed padded vinyl instrument panel trim
  • Color-keyed door panel armrest inserts
  • Engraved owner's dash name plaque
Image: 1969 Lincoln Continental Town Car Interior option shown in White Leather

Image: 1969 Lincoln Continental Town Car instrument panel shown with Black Vinyl insert
Image: 1969 Lincoln Continental Town Car interior shown in Black LeatherThe Town Car ultra-luxurious interior trim option features glove soft leather for the seating surfaces with a unique sew style exclusive to the Town Car interior.

The monotone interior included color-keyed inserts for the instrument panel and door arm rests, in place of the walnut-grain panels used on other Lincolns.

In fact, the only simulated woodgrain trim found in the Town Car interior is on the rim of the steering wheel, and within its center padded hub!