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1969 Lincoln Continental
Town Sedan Show Car

Number six in a series of 1960's Lincoln show cars

Image: 1969 Lincoln Continental Town Sedan show car

Above: 1969 Lincoln Continental Town Sedan Show Car on display at auto show

For the sixth and final time during the 1960's, Lincoln created a beautiful show car to be displayed at auto shows around the country. Based on the production model 1969 Lincoln Continental Sedan, the Town Sedan show car continued the same theme of the 1964 and 1965 Lincoln Town Brougham show cars, that of an open front chauffeur's compartment and an enclosed, super luxurious rear passenger compartment. The rear section of the roof was padded and vinyl covered, and the front windshield featured a polished, exposed top edge.

The front featured concealed headlamps, hidden behind metal covers painted to match the car, very similar in appearance to the new Continental Mark III's styling. The production 1971 Lincoln Continentals would have a similar appearance, which was typical since show cars usually showed off new designs to gauge public reaction a few years before styling that received a positive response went into production. The stock '69 Lincoln wrap-around front fender parking light and turn signal assemblies were deleted, and thin amber side markers were placed vertically near the leading edge of the front fenders, and a similar treatment has done in the rear, with red side markers placed vertically down low, parallel with the rear bumper edges. "TOWN SEDAN" appeared in chrome block lettering just in front of the rear side markers. Deep dish wheels, which were also used on the 1970 Continental Mark III Dual Cowl Phaeton Show Car, were also provided.

Inside, the new Town Car interior trim option was fitted, which was a new ultra-luxurious trim option first offered on the 1969 Continental Sedan at a cost of $249.20. Also included were electric door openers, front bucket seats with a center console, a telephone, and a Philco color TV mounted in the division. Unlike some earlier show cars, the 1969 Town Sedan was fully operable, and included power-operated door and division glass. There was no provision made to cover or protect the open front compartment, so inclement weather would require indoor dry storage.

We hear the car survives today, in the care of a private collector.