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1965 Lincoln Continental
Exterior Paint Colors

Six brilliant new colors for 1965

New two tone colors were available in 1965 by ordering the newly available optional vinyl roof. Offered in five colors, the textured vinyl roof could match or contrast with the paint

Image: 1965 Lincoln Continental Sedan

Above: 1965 Lincoln Continental Sedan in Royal Maroon (paint code X) with optional Black vinyl roof.



Image: Black Satin A - Black Satin (9000, 9300)
Image: Turino Turquoise Metallic B - Turino Turquoise Metallic* (12748)
Image: Persian Gold Metallic C - Persian Gold Metallic* (22439)
Image: Madison Gray Metallic E - Madison Gray Metallic (12751)
Image: Powder Blue F - Powder Blue (12854)
Image: Willow Gold G - Willow Gold* (81460)
Image: Nocturne Blue Metallic H - Nocturne Blue Metallic (12752)
Image: Fiesta Red J - Fiesta Red (71243)
Image: Heather Metallic L - Heather Metallic* (50670)
Image: Arctic White M - Arctic White (8378)
Image: Diamond Blue N - Platinum (Light Blue) (11683)
Image: Burnished Bronze Metallic P - Burnished Bronze Metallic (22475)
Image: Huron Blue Metallic Q - Huron Blue Metallic (12843)
Image: Spanish Moss Metallic R - Spanish Moss* Metallic (43337)
Image: Charcoal Frost Metallic S - Charcoal Frost Metallic* (32390)
Image: Desert Sand T - Desert Sand (22249)
Image: Teal Metallic U - Teal Metallic (12745)
Image: Rose Beige W - Rose Beige Metallic++ (71358)
Image: Royal Maroon Metallic X - Royal Maroon (50669)
Image: Silver Sand Metallic Z - Silver Sand Metallic (22424)
Image: Neptune Turquoise 4 - Neptune Turquoise* (12876)

*New color for 1965
++Thunderbird color; by special order only

A few of the color names changed from 1964, even though the paint code and formula did not. For instance, Silver Blue became Madison Gray; Regal Turquoise became Teal; and Nocturn Blue became Nocturne Blue, although this last one could be a misprint in either the 1964 or 1965 brochure. The paint chip chart shows "Nocturne."