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Optional Equipment
1970 Continental Mark III
White Side Wall Michelin 225-15 Steel Belted Radial Ply Tires
Air Conditioner ($503.70)
Automatic Temperature Control ($523.20)
Electric Rear Window Defroster ($85.30)
Traction-Lok Differential ($46.69)
Tilt Steering Wheel ($72.20)
AM Radio with Dual Rear Speakers and Power Antenna ($161.40)
AM/FM Stereo Radio with Four Speakers and Power Antenna
AM Radio/Stereo Sonic Tape System with Four Speakers and
     Power Antenna ($296.50)
Twin Comfort Lounge Seats with 6-Way Power (Both Sides)
Twin Comfort Lounge Seats with 6-Way Power (Both Sides) with
     Passenger Side Recliner ($242.70)
Power-Operated Sun Roof ($459.10)
Rear Window Defogger ($26.30)
Remote Control Trunk Lid Release ($40.70)
Cross-Country Ride Package ($17.10) (Consists of higher
     rate springs and shock absorbers)

Leather with Vinyl Interior ($164)
Power Door Locks ($47.30)
Automatic Speed Control ($94.50)
Glamour Paint ($131.20)
Automatic Headlamp Dimmer ($51.20)
Tinted Glass ($56.40)
High Torque Axle (3.00:1) (Researching Price)
Appearance Protection Group (Includes Door Edge Guards,
     License Plate Frames, and Floor Mats)
Bodyside Protection Molding ($25.90)
Michelin White Side Wall Steel Belted Radial Ply Tires
Michelin Black Side Wall Steel Belted Radial Ply Tires were standard; add the optional White Side Wall (shown above) to dress up the exterior.
Tilt Wheel
Tilt Wheel adjusts to five positions through a 30-degree arc, so a comfortable angle can be found for all drivers.
Continental Mark III instrument panel
The Mark III was advertised as the most authoritatively styled, decisively individual motorcar of its generation. Almost everything came standard, however, many options were available to tailor the Mark III to the individual preference of the owner. Options shown above include: Speed Control, Automatic Headlight Dimmer, Automatic Temperature Control, Rear Defogger, and AM/FM Stereo Radio.
Did you know?

The majority of 1970 Continental Mark IIIs were delivered new equipped with the optional AM/FM Stereo Radio, and 684 were equipped with the Power Sunroof

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