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1974 Continental Mark IV
Gold Luxury Group

The Gold Standard of Luxury Cars

1974 Continental Mark IV with Gold Luxury Group option
1974 Continental Mark IV with Gold Luxury Group option


Years Available: 1974-1975
Body Color Code: 54 - Unique Gold Diamond Flare Metallic
Paint Stripe Code: G - Gold Metallic
Vinyl Roof Code: M - Gold Levant Grain Vinyl Roof
Interior Trim Code: DU - Tan Leather and Vinyl with Dark Brown Accent Straps
     EU - Saddle Nylon Cloth
Price: $438.00

A second Luxury Group option joined the carryover Silver Luxury Group for the 1974 Continental Mark IV. And what goes better with Silver than Gold? The Gold Luxury Group was simply stunning: Unique Gold Diamond Flare Metallic (code 54) paint was breathtakingly beautiful. Extra metallic particles gave this shimmery gold an especially reflective property that was visually exciting and sparkled more than regular metallic paint finishes. Topping it off was an equally brilliant Gold Levant Grain Vinyl Roof (code M) that had a higher level of sheen to it when compared to the vinyl materials typically used for vinyl roof installations.

1974 Continental Mark IV Gold Luxury Group Leather interiorInside, yards of soft, supple, genuine top grain leather in Tan with Dark Brown accent straps (code DU) on the seat cushions and seat backs provided an inviting environment. The Dark Brown color was repeated as accents on door and quarter trim panels as well. Extra plush 25 ounce carpeting lined the floor and lower door panels, and even the luggage compartment and spare tire cover received this upgrade. A unique new sew style on the seats and side panels appeared with this option, which gave the interior an updated look and set it apart from all others.

A Tan Nylon Cloth and Vinyl interior (code DZ, which was referred to as being Saddle in color in some references) was also available for those who preferred cloth seating instead of leather

Outside, subtle Gold Metallic body side paint stripes (code G) accented the distinctive lines of the car, and provided just the right amount of contrast to compliment the Mark IV's beautiful lines.

The Gold Luxury Group was priced at $438, slightly more than the Silver Luxury Group, which for 1974 remained at the same $400 it was priced at in 1973. The Gold Luxury Group proved a very popular option, and a beautiful companion to the stunning Silver Luxury Group. These two distinctive luxury groups proved to be such popular options that late in 1974, an additional luxury group would be announced: the Saddle and White Luxury Group. For 1975, two more would join the line up: the Blue Diamond Luxury Group and the Lipstick and White Luxury Group, each offering even more distinction and choice for the discerning personal luxury motorist during the 1970s, a decade when big, soft, plush, American-made luxury cars ruled the road.
1974 Continental Mark IV Gold Luxury Group side view

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