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1975 Continental Mark IV
Blue Diamond Luxury Group

They say diamonds are forever...

1975 Continental Mark IV Blue Diamond Luxury Group (prototype image)
1975 Continental Mark IV Blue Diamond Luxury Group (prototype shown)


Years Available: 1975-1976
Production: 1975 - 1,430 (estimated); 1976 - researching
Body Color Code: 45 - Aqua Blue Diamond Fire Metallic
Paint Stripe Code: K - Aqua
Vinyl Roof Code: FL - Aqua Blue Normande Grain Full Vinyl Roof
     LL - Aqua Blue Normande Grain Landau Vinyl Roof
Interior Trim Code: AK - Aqua Blue Media Velour Cloth
     BK - Aqua Blue Leather with Vinyl
Price: $475.00

Lincoln introduced two new Luxury Group Options for 1975, continuing a successful marketing program started in 1973 that allowed special combinations of colors and fabrics to define a limited edition automobile, and allow buyers to own a more distinctive car. Since most of the parts necessary to create these limited editions were pulled straight from the parts shelves, the cost was very little to Lincoln, yet it allowed the Mark IV to achieve higher status in the personal luxury car marketplace.

For 1975, the two new options were the Blue Diamond Luxury Group and the White and Red Luxury Group. The Blue Diamond cars were painted in Aqua Blue Diamond Fire Metallic (paint code 45), an exclusive color to this model which made the car quite striking visually. This was topped off with an Aqua Blue Normande Grain vinyl roof in a choice of two styles. The Full Vinyl Roof (code FL) which featured a new-for-1975 body color band around the edges. This was accomplished by moving the vinyl roof molding away from the roof rail and windshield top moldings, leaving a space between them for the body color. This effect gave the car a much updated appearance over previous models with traditional vinyl roof coverings, where the vinyl edge was concealed beneath the chrome trim moldings. At additional cost, the new Landau Vinyl Roof (code LL) could be specified. This roof style featured a heavy chrome band along the front edge of the vinyl roof, which covered the rear third of the car roof. A sweeping band of chrome ran forward along the top of the doors and terminated where it met the windshield pillar.

Just below the fender line, a double body side stripe in Aqua (code K) ran from front to rear, matching the vinyl roof color and accenting the elegant lines of the Mark IV.

Blue Diamond Luxury Group unique instrument panel woodgrainInside, plush Aqua Blue Media Velour Cloth (code AK) draped the seats, or soft Aqua Blue Leather with Vinyl (code BK) could be specified at no additional charge. The woodgrain appliques on the instrument panel, steering wheel, door trim panels, and rear side trim panels featured a lighter shade of woodgraining that really brightened up the interior and provided a nice compliment to the Aqua-colored trim. The luggage compartment was lined with matching Aqua Blue carpeting, side panels, and spare tire cover.

The instrument panel housings for the headlight switch, heater/air conditioning controls, warning light grouping, and radio were black instead of the simulated woodgraining found on other Marks.

Priced at $475, the Blue Diamond Luxury Group was the most expensive luxury group to date, attributed mostly to the additional cost of the Diamond Fire Metallic paint. Despite its availability during the entire production run, cars with this option are somewhat rare. Perhaps it was the unusual color scheme, certainly not one for the shy.

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