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1976 Continental Mark IV
Givenchy Designer Edition

A brilliant example of couture design

1976 Continental Mark IV Givenchy Edition


Years Available: Mark IV: 1976; Mark V: 1977-1979; Mark VI: 1980-1983
Introduction Date: October 3, 1975
Body Color Code: 45 - Aqua Blue Diamond Fire Metallic
Paint Stripe Code: Custom Black and White
Vinyl Roof Code: LW - White Normande Grain Custom Landau Vinyl Roof
     White or Aqua Blue Wide Bodyside Mouldings
Interior Trim Code: JK - Aqua Blue Velour Cloth
     KK - Aqua Blue Leather and Vinyl
Price: $1,500.00 with Velour or Leather

1976 Continental Mark IV Givenchy Edition Aqua Blue VelourOne of the most famous designers of all time, Hubert de Givenchy was considered more innovative than his peers, and while in the beginning the fabrics may not have been as expensive as others, his design always drew admirers.

Audrey Hepburn was one of Givenchy's more notable customers, and wore Givenchy fashions she picked out for herself in the hit movies Sabrina (for which Edith Head won the Oscar for Best Costumes) and Breakfast at Tiffany's.

For the 1976 Givenchy Edition Continental Mark IV, Givenchy avoided the Earth tone shades that were so popular at the time, instead using a sparkling turquoise finish reminiscent of the Mediterranean Sea (Aqua Blue Diamond Fire Metallic - paint code 45). Crisp black and white pinstripes provided distinction befitting an automobile with such a pedigree. The White Landau vinyl roof provided an appropriate accent color.

Inside, matching Aqua Blue upholstery in a choice of velour (trim code JK) or leather and vinyl (trim code KK) was provided. On the instrument panel, a nameplate bearing the Givenchy signature could also be engraved with the name of the new owner. The Givenchy signature also appeared on both opera windows. A light, simulated woodgrain appeared on the instrument panel, steering wheel, and door panels, and a textured black surface was used on the instrument panel inserts for climate control, radio, etc., which gave the Givenchy Edition an appropriate interior contrast, and picked up the black coloring of the exterior pinstripes.

When one opened the deck lid, color-keyed luggage compartment trim lined the floor and sides to protect luggage and continue the color theme throughout the car. From any angle, the Givenchy Edition was a Mark like no other.