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1977½ Continental Mark V
Dove Grey and Blue Luxury Group
(Spring Feature Car)

Distinctive Midnight Blue and Dove Grey colors set the tone

Image: 1977 Continental Mark V Dove Grey and Blue Luxury Group1977 DOVE GREY AND BLUE LUXURY GROUP AT A GLANCE:

Years Available: 1977 only
Introduction Date: March 1977
Body Color Code: 3G - Dark Blue Metallic or 1N - Dove Grey
Paint Stripe Code: 4 - Medium Blue (with Dove Grey paint) or 6 - Light Silver Iridescent (with Midnight Blue paint)
Vinyl Roof Code:
  Standard Valino Grain Full Vinyl Roof: VB - Blue or VE - Dove Grey
  Optional Valino Grain Landau Half Vinyl Roof: YB - Blue or YE - Dove Grey
Interior Trim Code: JS - Dove Grey Leather with Blue Components, Vertical Straps, and Side Facings (Luxury Group Sew Style)
Premium Bodyside Molding: Blue or Dove Grey
Price: $680.00

Image: 1977 Continental Mark V Dove Grey and Blue Luxury GroupAs it had in the past, Lincoln Division came up with new trim packages and color combinations to attract buyers into showrooms during the slower Spring season. The 1977½ Continental Mark V Spring Feature Car was a distinctive combination of Dark Blue and Dove Grey, officially named the Dove Grey and Blue Luxury Group. Buyers could mix and match their car exterior colors to suit their individual tastes. For instance, Dark Blue metallic finish for the body, with either a matching Blue vinyl roof or contrasting Dove Grey vinyl roof, both in Valino Grain vinyl. Premium Bodyside Moldings could also be chosen to either match or contrast with the body color. At additional cost, an optional half-vinyl Landau roof could be specified in either of the two colors. Light Silver Iridescent or Medium Blue-colored dual bodyside and deck lid paint stripes provided additional contrast and highlighted the Mark V's distinctive lines.

Inside, individually-adjustable split bench front seats offered soft Dove Grey leather seating surfaces in the Luxury Group sew style. Seats provided contrasting blue vertical straps and seat cushion side facings, as well as blue door pull straps, carpeting, instrument panel, seat belts, steering column, and steering wheel. Overhead, a Dove Grey headlining finished off the interior in high style.

Image: 1977 Continental Mark V Dove Grey and Blue Luxury Group two tone leather interiorDue to a late introduction mid-year, this Spring Feature car is pretty rare. The combination of Dove Grey and Dark Blue is quite striking, and is well worth searching out if you want a Mark V that is a cut apart from the rest.

It's interesting to note that the two tone seat upholstery introduced with this option is very similar to the leather upholstery that would be offered the following year on the 1978 Continental Mark V Cartier Edition and Pucci Edition cars [links open in new window]. With the exception of the seat cushion side facings, the sew pattern is identical, and very distinctive.

This feature car demonstrates how easily Lincoln could change and combine colors to come up with unique options that helped to sell more cars. The cost to Lincoln was minimal, and it gave Lincoln's customers the ability to drive away in a car that they truly felt they helped to design.

Customer satisfaction and loyalty are not easy things to establish, but there's little doubt that Lincoln was able to make its customers feel special by helping them to design a Mark of their own.

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Image: Dove Grey and Blue Luxury Group Landau half-vinyl roof optionImage: Dove Grey and Blue Luxury Group two tone door panelImage: 1977 Continental Mark V rear seat with two tone Dove Grey and Blue leather seating surfaces

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