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Optional Equipment
1977 Continental Mark V
460-4V V-8 Engine (Not available in California) ($133)
     New option for '77
Dual Exhaust System ($71)
3.00 Rear Axle Ratio (Available with 460-4V Engine) ($21)
Traction-Lok Differential (Not available with Sure-Track) ($65)
Sure-Track Braking System (Not available in California) ($280)
Speed Control ($124)
Engine Block Heater ($20)
High Altitude Emission Equipment (Mandatory in areas
     over 4000' except California; includes 3.00 Rear
     Axle Ratio and requires 460-4V Engine)

     (No charge) New option for '77
California Emissions System (Mandatory in California ($54)
Interval Windshield Wipers ($30)
Class III Trailer Towing Package (Includes Heavy Duty
     Suspension, 3.00 Rear Axle Ratio, Wiring
     Harness, External Transmission Oil Cooler, and
     Special Cooling System; not available in
Interior Light Group (Includes Dome/Dual Map Lamps
     and Illuminated Visor Vanity Mirrors)
Iluminated Entry System ($55) New option for '77
Remote Control Right-Hand Mirror ($33)
Headlamp Convenience Group ($107)
Power Moonroof (Glass) (Available in Silver, Gold,
     Brown, Light Jade, or Rose tint; includes
     Dome/Dual Map Lamps)
Tilt Steering Wheel ($73)
Power Vent Windows ($85)
Power Lumbar Seat (Driver's side only) ($187)
6-Way Power Passenger Seat ($143)
Reclining Passenger Seat ($80)
Defroster Group (Includes Electric Rear Window
     Defroster and Heated Left-Hand Remote
     Control Mirror)
($107) New option for '77
AM/FM Multiplex Radio ($143)
AM/FM/MPX Search Radio ($304)
AM/FM/MPX Radio with Quadrasonic-8 Tape System ($396)
Citizens Band Radio with Power Antenna ($285)
Full Vinyl Roof ($187) ($271 credit on Designer Editions)
Landau Vinyl Roof ($484)
Diamond Fire Paint ($205)
Moondust Paint ($155)
Leather and Vinyl Interior ($252)
Dual Wide-Band White Sidewall Tires ($52)
Rocker Panel Moldings ($28)
Custom Paint Stripes (Includes deck lid stripes) ($31)
Forged Aluminum Wheels (4) ($318)
Turbine-Style Cast Aluminum Wheels (4) ($325) New
     option for '77

Power Lock Convenience Group (Includes Door Locks
     and Remote Deck Lid Release)
Appearance Protection Group (Includes Door Edge
     Guards, Front and Rear Floor Mats, and License
     Plate Frames)
Luxury Group Option (Includes choice of interior trim,
     6-Way Power Passenger Seat, Grey Cut-Pile
     Carpeting in Luggage Compartment, Premium
     Bodyside Molding, Full or Landau Vinyl Roof, and
     exterior color finish)
     Choice of:
     - Gold/Cream (leather and vinyl or Romano velour)
     - Cordovan/White (leather and vinyl or velour)
     - Midnight Blue/Cream (leather and vinyl only)
     - Red/Rose (leather and vinyl only)
     - Light Jade/Dark Jade (leather and vinyl only)
     - Dove Grey/Blue (leather and vinyl only)
Bill Blass Designer Edition ($1,600)
Cartier Designer Edition (Leather $1,600 Velour $2,100)
Givenchy Designer Edition (Leather $1,600 Velour $2,100)
Pucci Designer Edition ($1,600)
Majestic Velour Luxury Group ($680)
Owner's Initial Monogram ($15)
Customized Continental Leather Luggage ($1,666/Set):
- Club Bag ($184)
- Attache Case ($229)
- 21-Inch Carry-On ($224)
- Shoulder Tote ($106)
- Pouch Bag ($99)
- 26-Inch Pullman ($281)
- Garment Bag ($221)
- 29-Inch Jumbo Pullman ($322)
- (Available separately or as a set. Color order codes to match interior trim colors: A - Black; B - White; C- Blue; D - Red; E - Dark Jade; F - Gold; G - Cordovan; H - Chamois; I - Dove Grey; J - Cream; K - Rosé; L - Light Jade; M - Chamois Pigskin Grain. Trim color for handle and straps could be specified from any of the available colors to match or contrast luggage color. Supplied by Samuel Cowan and Sons, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.)
Speed ControlSpeed Control
Illuminated Entry SystemIlluminated Entry System
Power MoonroofPower Moonroof
Tilt Steering WheelTilt Steering Wheel
AM/FM Multiplex RadioAM/FM Multiplex Radio
AM/FM/MPX Quadrasonic-8 Tape SystemAM/FM/MPX Quadrasonic-8 Tape System
Forged Aluminum WheelsForged Aluminum Wheels
Turbine-Style Cast Aluminum WheelsTurbine-Style Cast Aluminum Wheels

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