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1979 Continental Mark V
Collector's Series in Silver

Rarest of them all with only 125 built

1979 Continental Mark V Collector's Series in Silver (front view) [Photo: eBay]

1979 Continental Mark V Collector's Series in Silver (rear view) [Photo: eBay]


Years Available: 1979 only
Introduction Date: April 1979
Number Built: 125
Exterior Paint Code: 1Y - Light Silver Moondust Metallic
Vinyl Roof Code: YQ - Midnight Blue Valino Grain Landau Vinyl Roof
Interior Trim Codes: LB - Midnight Blue Kasmann II Luxury Cloth
     DQ - Midnight Blue Luxury Group Sew Style Leather

Truly the end of the line and the end of an era as well. In the late seventies came the final opportunity to purchase a full-sized American luxury car. Never again would automobiles be so large, or demonstrate such a sheer presence based on size alone. For many years Lincoln had always trailed Cadillac in sales, but during the sixties and seventies Lincoln finally established a look it could claim as its own, and had finally started to challenge the Cadillac for the top spot. In fact, the Mark series often outsold its Cadillac competitor, the Eldorado.

Since Cadillac had down sized its sedans in 1977 and the Eldorado for 1979, the Lincoln Continentals were the final full-sized, full-fledged American luxury cars. To commemorate this milepost, Lincoln introduced the limited edition Collector's Series cars. Available for the four door Lincoln Continental as well as the Continental Mark V, its very name made it special. Lincoln had put its customers on notice that this would be their final opportunity, and they'd best not put it off for long if they wanted a new traditional luxury car.

All Collector's Series cars bore the gold plated "Collector's Series" script on the roof sail panels, and featured special gold grilles, paint stripes, and unique Midnight Blue Kasman II cloth interiors. Loaded with almost every accessory available as part of its standard equipment list, the Collector's Series cars were available in just two color choices at introduction: a sophisticated Midnight Blue Moondust Metallic finish with matching vinyl roof, body side moldings, and interiors, or an elegant White finish with matching vinyl roof, body side moldings, and Midnight Blue interior. (There are reports of variations on the white cars, which will be included on our 1979 Collector's Series Continental Mark V page [link below] when verified.)

To accommodate those who preferred a different interior material, leather was also made available in Midnight Blue or White for both color combinations. Midnight Blue cars with White leather interiors are very rare, but they do exist. When a leather interior was specified, the interior sew style was that of the Luxury Group option, and lacked the center console, rear seat center armrest, and rear reading lights that were a standard part of the Collector's Series.

In an effort to make the Collector's Series cars as attractive to customers as possible, two additional colors, Light Silver Moondust Metallic and Diamond Blue Moondust Metallic, were added in April 1979, and sold in limited numbers due in part to the late introduction, but also due to the fact that many had decided to wait for the smaller Lincolns that would debut for 1980. This makes the Silver and Diamond Blue cars extremely rare in both the Lincoln Continental and Mark V series.

The Continental Mark V Collector's Series in Light Silver Moondust Metallic is the rarest of them all, with just 125 being built before the Wixom Assembly Plant shut down production of the 1979 models in preparation for the smaller, lighter, more efficient 1980 models.