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Henry Ford has often been quoted as saying, "You can paint it any color, so long as it's black". But it's never been proven that he actually said that! Learn more about Ford's colorful history, and take a trip down Memory Lane to April, 1964...the day everything changed in the automotive world. That was the day the Ford Mustang was introduced!

The Complete Mustang 40th Anniversary DVD

America's Favorite Cars - The Complete Mustang 40th Anniversary (DVD)

Product Description
Of the many inventions and innovations since the Industrial Revolution, the automobile has been perceived by many as a true piece of Americana. From Henry Ford's Model T to the Hummer, the car has not just been about getting from here to there. The car is also about status, personality and style. Eagle Rock Entertainment presents 3 DVDs that show off a little Americana, just in time to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Mustang, and 50 years of the Corvette.

This is it - the most comprehensive, captivating look ever at the mustang phenomenom, and the remarkable sory behind America's love affair with the"ponycar." Through vintage commercials, rare footage and an extraordinary showcaes of beautifully restored classics, car enthusiasts will see how America's favorite sports car became a world-class legend. This fascinating video history includes: Chapter 1. The Beginning; Chapter 2. The Debut; Chapter 3. The Shelby Chapter; 4. The Standard Mustang; Chapter 5. Commercial/Carrol Shelby; Chapter 6. The '69 Mustang; Chapter 7. 1970s; Chapter 8. 15th Anniversary; Chapter 9. 1962 Prototype; Chapter 10. 1980s; Chapter 11. 25th Anniversary.
Automobiles: Mustang DVD

Automobiles: Mustang (DVD)

From A&E/The History Channel
Classic Ford Motor Company Ads and Promos DVD

Classic Ford Motor Company Ads and Promos (DVD)

Three short videos originally produced to promote the new Ford automobiles. Included are:

1. 1932 Terraplane newsreels (5 minutes)
2. Two Ford Freedom (1956) (2 minutes)
3. Wonderful New World of Fords (1960) (3 minutes)
Automobiles: Model T DVD

Model T (DVD)

Product Description
It was available "in any color you want, so long as it's black," and it was the first car to put the average American in the driver's seat. The Model T occupies a unique place in history. The first car to be built on a production line, the Model T transformed automobiles from a plaything of the rich to a transportation tool available to the average man. The world has never been the same. MODEL T traces the complete story of the "Tin Lizzie," from the very first production cars in 1908 to the end of the line - 15 million cars later - in the late '20s. See extensive footage of the world's first automobile plant, where Henry Ford's vision of a car for the masses became a reality. Vintage shots of Ts in action nationwide show the remarkable influence the car had on the nation, while aficionados of this all-time classic show off their prized possessions and take them out for a spin. Hold on tight - the "Tin Lizzie" can reach a blistering 40 miles an hour!
Ford Mustang Ford Mustang (VHS)
Full Throttle - 1968 Mustang DVD

Full Throttle - 1968 Ford Mustang (DVD)

From A&E/The History Channel
The Visual History of Cars: Mustang The Visual History of Cars: Mustang (VHS)

A comprehensive review of America's fun "demon," beginning with Lee Iacocca's concept to manufacture an affordable sports car. The Visual History of Cars is a lavish tribute to the cars of our memories and the cars of our dreams. Includes an incredible array of footage from around the world. Approx. 25 minutes.

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