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IMPERIAL 1963 - America's Most Carefully Built Car
Exterior Paint Colors

Paint Code Paint Color
B Formal Black
C Glacier Blue
D Cord Blue Metallic
E Navy Blue Metallic
H Forest Green Metallic
K Holiday Turquoise Metallic
L Teal Metallic
M Alabaster
N Madison Gray Metallic
O Charcoal Gray Metallic
R Mayan Gold Metallic
S Ivory
T Claret Metallic
W Oyster White
X Fawn
Z Mahogany Metallic
1963 Imperial in Formal Black (right rear tail lamp detail)1963 Imperial in Formal Black
Imperial Paint Codes

Imperials used a three digit paint code. The first two digits are letters representing the paint color(s); the third digit is a number and represents whether the car is two tone, or in the case of the Imperial Crown Convertible, it designates a convertible top. The first digit indicates the paint color used on the top of the car, the second digit indicates the color on the bottom, and the third digit, if applicable, indicates the type of two toning, convertible top, etc.

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