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Exterior Paint Colors
Fleetwood Eldorado by Cadillac

Image: Sable Black 10 Sable Black (9400)
Image: Grecian White 12 Grecian White (8259)
Image: Regal Silver Metallic 16 Regal Silver Metallic (32525)
Image: Summit Gray Metallic 18 Summit Gray Metallic (32526)
Image: Arctic Blue 20 Arctic Blue (13551)
Image: Normandy Blue Metallic 24 Normandy Blue Metallic (13553)
Image: Emperor Blue Metallic 26 Emperor Blue Metallic (13554)
Image: Caribe Aqua Metallic 28 Caribe Aqua Metallic (13552)
Image: Silverpine Green Metallic 30 Silverpine Green Metallic (43796)
Image: Ivanhoe Green Metallic 36 Ivanhoe Green Metallic (43797)
Image: Kashmir Ivory 40 Kashmir Ivory (81622)
Image: Sudan Beige 42 Sudan Beige (22391)
Image: Baroque Gold Metallic 43 Baroque Gold Metallic (22996)
Image: Chestnut Brown Metallic 44 Chestnut Brown Metallic (22970)
Image: San Mateo Red Metallic 48 San Mateo Red Metallic (71642)
Image: Regent Maroon Metallic 49 Regent Maroon Metallic (50748)
Image: Spectre Blue Firemist 90 Spectre Blue Firemist (13555)
Image: Topaz Gold Firemist 94 Topaz Gold Firemist (81623)
Image: Monterey Green Firemist 96 Monterey Green Firemist (43798)
Image: Rosewood Firemist 97 Rosewood Firemist (22972)
Image: Madeira Plum Firemist 98 Madeira Plum Firemist (50776)

Colors listed above in bold denote optional Firemist paint finishes. These paints feature a higher percentage of metallic particles in them for a more reflective shimmer.
  Consider the difference in appearance:

Eldorado in standard form with bare painted roof...

Image: 1968 Cadillac Fleetwood Eldorado
Fleetwood Eldorado in optional Topaz Gold Firemist (code 94).
  ...and Eldorado with optional vinyl roof...

Image: 1968 Cadillac Fleetwood Eldorado
Fleetwood Eldorado in Topaz Gold Firemist (code 94) with optional Dark Brown Padded Vinyl Roof.
Note: The popularity of the vinyl roof had grown considerably since its introduction, and the majority of all 1968 Eldorados built were equipped with the $132 padded roof option. Eldorados that left the factory without this option are highly sought after today, as many collectors feel a "bare top" Eldorado better emphasizes the car's beautiful lines. Vinyl roofs were available in 5 colors for 1968: White, Black, Dark Blue, Dark Brown, and Sandalwood.

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