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Paint Colors
Background: 1969 Thunderbird Fordor Landau in Midnight Aqua Metallic, with Black Vinyl Roof.

Image: Raven Black A Raven Black
Image: Royal Maroon B Royal Maroon
Image: Black Jade Metallic C Black Jade*
Image: Lilac Frost Metallic G Lilac Frost* **
Image: Diamond Green H Diamond Green
Image: Lime Gold Metallic I Lime Gold*
Image: Midnight Aqua Metallic J Midnight Aqua*
Image: Midnight Orchid Metallic K Midnight Orchid* **
Image: Wimbledon White M Wimbledon White
Image: Diamond Blue N Diamond Blue
Image: Brittany Blue Metallic Q Brittany Blue*
Image: Morning Gold R Morning Gold
Image: Champagne Gold Metallic S Champagne Gold*
Image: Candyapple Red T Candyapple Red
Image: Tahoe Turquoise Metallic U Tahoe Turquoise*
Image: Copper Flame Metallic V Copper Flame* **
Image: Meadowlark Yellow W Meadowlark Yellow
Image: Presidential Blue Metallic X Presidential Blue*
Image: Indian Fire Metallic Y Indian Fire* **
Image: Oxford Gray Metallic Z Oxford Gray*

*Metallic finish
**One year only paint color

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The 1969 Thunderbird paint finish was remarkable. Each body was electrically charged with a positive charge at the factory, then completely immersed in a tank of primer that had been negatively charged, permitting a uniform coating of primer on all surfaces. This exceptionally even coverage of primer contributed to a final finish that was smooth, brilliant, and long lasting.

An additional sprayed on primer coat was applied prior to three baked-on coats of pigmented Super Diamond Lustre Acrylic Enamel Paint to produce a high-luster finish that was almost maintenance free.
Image: 1969 Ford Thunderbird Tudor Landau
Tudor Landau shown in Meadowlark Yellow with Black Vinyl Roof and Nugget Gold Vinyl Interior. (Note the Deluxe Wheel Covers)
A - Black (9000) | R - Red (71529) | W - White (8378)

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