Automotive Mileposts  
Exterior Paint Colors
Thunderbird script

Image: Black A Black
Image: Dark Maroon B Maroon Metallic
Image: Dark Green Metallic C Dark Ivy Green Metallic
Image: Light Blue E Light Blue
Image: Dark Aqua Metallic F Dark Aqua Metallic
Image: Deep Blue Metallic J Deep Blue Metallic
Image: Light Gray Metallic L Light Gray Metallic
Image: White M White
Image: Medium Ivy Green Metallic P Medium Ivy Green Metallic
Image: Medium Blue Metallic Q Medium Blue Metallic
Image: Dark Brown Metallic R Dark Brown Metallic
Image: Medium Gold Metallic S Medium Gold Metallic
Red T Red
Image: Dark Blue X Dark Blue Metallic
Image: Medium Bronze Metallic Y Chestnut Bronze Metallic
Image: Dark Gray Metallic Z Dark Gray Metallic
Image: Light Ivy Yellow 2 Light Ivy Yellow
Image: Medium Brown Metallic 5 Medium Brown Metallic
Image: Light Gold 8 Light Gold
Image: Pastel Yellow 9 Pastel Yellow
Image: Olive Fire 09 Olive Fire (Optional)
Image: Green Fire 19 Green Fire (Optional)
Image: Burgundy Fire 59 Burgundy Fire (Optional)
Image: Bronze Fire 89 Bronze Fire (Optional)
Image: Hot Pink -- Hot Pink (Special Order; Ditzler 71617)

A Black
B Medium Blue
D Vermillion
G Medium Ivy
W White


Image: Ginger Diamond Brite Glamour Finish200 Thunderbirds were painted with a special "Diamond Brite" Glamour Finish known as Ginger Metallic (shown at left). The paint number for this color is MX821830. Cars with this special paint were provided with a pressure sensitive adhesive sticker mounted to the left front door lock face. Repairs to this special finish were to be made with air dry enamel paint, per the door sticker. Only one of these specially-painted cars is known to still exist today.

Image: 1970 Ford Thunderbird Two Door Landau - right front view
Above: 1970 Ford Thunderbird Two Door Landau in Burgundy Fire paint (paint code 59), an optional Glamour Paint color that cost $130 extra. Car shown also has the Special Brougham Option.
Image: 1970 Ford Thunderbird Two Door Landau - left front view Image: 1970 Ford Thunderbird Two Door Landau - right front view
Above left: 1970 Thunderbird Two Door Landau shown in Burgundy Fire, with Black Vinyl Roof and Red Special Brougham Option.

Above right: 1970 Thunderbird Two Door Landau shown in Green Fire, with Green Vinyl Roof and Ivy Special Brougham Option.

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