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Exterior Paint Colors
Photo Courtesy Tim Brands
Image: 1971 Continental Mark III
Mark III shown above in optional Ivy Moondust Metallic finish (paint code E9).
Mark III

Black A Black (9000-9300)
Maroon Metallic B Maroon Metallic (2295)
Bright Aqua Metallic F Bright Aqua Metallic (2282)
Dark Green G Dark Green Metallic (2288)
Light Green H Light Green (2290)
Dark Gray Metallic K Dark Gray Metallic (2145)
Light Gray Metallic L Light Gray Metallic (2144)
White M White (8378)
Pastel Blue N Pastel Blue (11683)
Light Yellow Gold O Light Yellow Gold (2298)
Medium Green Metallic P Medium Green Metallic (2289)
Medium Blue Metallic Q Medium Blue Metallic (2372)
Dark Brown Metallic R Dark Brown Metallic (2140)
Gray Gold Metallic S Gray Gold Metallic (2326)
Red T Red (71528)
Light Pewter Metallic V Light Pewter Metallic (2287)
Yellow W Yellow (2157)
Dark Blue Metallic X Dark Blue Metallic (13076)
Deep Blue Metallic Y Deep Blue Metallic (2137)
Tan 2 Tan (2285)
Medium Brown Metallic 5 Medium Brown Metallic (2371)
Bright Blue Metallic 6 Bright Blue Metallic (13357)
Red Moondust Metallic C9 Red Moondust Metallic* (2361)
Blue Moondust Metallic D9 Blue Moondust Metallic* (2283)
Ivy Moondust Metallic E9 Ivy Moondust Metallic* (2360)
Ginger Moondust Metallic 39 Ginger Moondust Metallic* (2286)
The 1971 Continental Mark III.

The single most distinctive car in America.

Image: 1971 Continental Mark III

In performance, appointments, ride, and flair it is everything a luxury car promised to be. And more.

First in luxury, prestige, and value: Continental Mark III.
*Note: Moondust Metallic colors listed above were optional at extra cost. Moondust Metallic paint contains a higher level of metallic particles, which gives it a more brilliant reflective property.

A Black (9000)
B Light Blue (13317)
D Vermillion (71529)
G Gold (81606)
P Silver (32520)
R Lime (43739)
V Ivory (81584)
W White (8378)

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