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Exterior Paint Colors
19711971 Thunderbird script
Whatever happened to individuality?

This: Thunderbird 1971.

Note the two individually different roof lines for the two door models...blind quarter roof for the Landau model shown at right, and the Sportsroof-style for the Hardtop, below.

Luxury or sport...only Thunderbird 1971 gives you the choice!

Image: 1971 Ford Thunderbird Two Door Hardtop
Above: 1971 Thunderbird Hardtop shown in Dark Green (code G) paint, with optional Green Caymen Grain Vinyl Roof, Special Brougham Option and rare Power Sunroof.

Above right: 1971 Thunderbird Two Door Landau shown in optional Green Fire (code E9) paint with Green Caymen Grain Vinyl Roof.

(Note the difference in bodyside and rocker moldings used, as well as the contrast between the standard and color-keyed wheel covers.)
Image: 1971 Ford Thunderbird Two Door Landau

PAINT CODE - COLOR (Ditzler Code)

Black A - Black (9000-9300)
Maroon Metallic B - Maroon Metallic (2295)
Bright Aqua Metallic F - Bright Aqua Metallic (2282)
Dark Green G - Dark Green (2288)
Light Green H - Light Green (2290)
Dark Gray Metallic K - Dark Gray Metallic (2145)
White M - White (8378)
Pastel Blue N - Pastel Blue (11683)
Light Yellow Gold O - Light Yellow Gold (2298)
Medium Green Metallic P - Medium Green Metallic (2289)
Medium Blue Metallic Q - Medium Blue Metallic (2372)

Dark Brown Metallic R - Dark Brown Metallic (2140)
Gray Gold Metallic S - Gray Gold Metallic (2326)
Red T - Red (71528)

Light Pewter Metallic V - Light Pewter Metallic (2287)
Yellow W - Yellow (2157)
Dark Blue Metallic X - Dark Blue Metallic (13076)
Deep Blue Metallic Y - Deep Blue Metallic (2137)
Grabber Green Metallic Z - Grabber Green Metallic* (2293)
Tan 2 - Tan (2285)
Medium Brown Metallic 5 - Medium Brown Metallic (2371)
Red Moondust Metallic C9 - Burgundy Fire (Optional) (2361)
Blue Moondust Metallic D9 - Blue Fire (Optional) (2283)
Ivy Moondust Metallic E9 - Green Fire (Optional) (2360)
Ginger Moondust Metallic 39 - Walnut Fire (Optional) (2286)
A - Black | B - Medium Blue | D - Vermillion | G - Medium Ivy | W - White
Note: Paint colors listed above in bold denote colors available in conjunction with the Special Brougham Option. These colors were also available on cars without this option.

*Not listed in color charts, but documented examples do exist with this color.