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Exterior Paint Colors
Thunderbird hood ornament
1976 Ford Thunderbird in Silver Starfire
1976 Thunderbird, shown above in Silver Starfire (Code 1J) with Silver Odense Full Vinyl Roof.

1C Black
1J Silver Starfire
2M Dark Red
2U Lipstick Red (available only with Lipstick Luxury Group)
2S Bordeaux Starfire (available only with Bordeaux Luxury Group)
3G Dark Blue Metallic
3P Blue Starfire
3R Silver Blue Starfire
3S Light Blue
46 Dark Jade Metallic
5Q Dark Brown Metallic
51 Cinnamon Starfire
6P Creme (Creme and Gold Luxury Group; available separately as well)
6U Tan
6Y Gold Starfire (Creme and Gold Luxury Group; available separately as well)
7A Light Jade Metallic (discontinued; not available late in model year)
7F Medium Jade Metallic
9D Polar White

Colors listed above in bold denote optional Starfire glamour paint.
The last 1976 Thunderbird built came off the assembly line in Wixom, Michigan on July 9, 1976. It was painted in the optional Gold Starfire (code 6Y) color.

Another chapter in the Thunderbird's story had come to a close, and a new one was about to begin...
A Black - B Light Blue - D Medium Red - G Light Gold - P Light Silver - R Dark Jade - T Dark Brown - U Light Tan - V Light Yellow - W White