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12-Volt Electric Oil Change Pump

The fastest, easiest, cleanest way to change your oil!

Image: Oil Change Pump

Oil Change Pump for Automobile Truck RV Boat ATV Lawn Mower

No need to put vehicle on ramps or crawl under vehicle with a hot engine to remove drain plug!

There are many oil change pumps on the market. Some are less expensive than this one, and in this case you get what you pay for. Less expensive models are often loud, hard to prime, and can take a long time to pump oil.

This unit is small, weighs about 2 pounds, and is quiet when operating. It evacuates oil from a typical car in about 5 minutes.

To use, you just insert one of the two plastic tubes provided down your dipstick tube, place the other plastic tube in the container you provide where you want to pump the dirty oil, and connect the alligator clips to a 12-volt battery. In minutes, the dirty oil and sludge are pumped out and into your container to be disposed of.

This can also be used to change transmission fluid in the same manner. Click image or link at left to buy, read reviews, or for additional information.

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