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Electronic Ignition System—PerTronix Ignitor

Without question, the BEST upgrade you can make to your classic car!
No points to adjust or condenser to replace, you get a stable idle, reliable starting under all conditions, and maximum fuel efficiency.

PerTronix Electronic Ignition Systems
Image: PerTronix Ignitor
  • Original solid state design—least expensive
  • Replaces points and condenser (no more adjustments!)
  • Easy installation
  • Stock appearance—fits entirely inside the distributor (no black box to mount)
  • Twice the voltage to spark plugs for more horsepower, better fuel economy, and increased spark plug life
  • Operating voltage: 8 to 12 VDC
  • Temperature range: -50 to 300 degrees fahrenheit
  • RPM range: 0 to 15,000 RPM
  • 12V negative ground electrical systems
  • Works with most point-type coils
  • Legal in all 50 states and Canada (meets C.A.R.B. E.O. #D-57-2)
  • 30 month guarantee
  • Original Ignitor model is the least expensive way to upgrade to PerTronix upgrade

The original PerTronix Ignitor is perfect for stock classic cars that don't have high performance engines, but could benefit from a smoother idle, faster starting, and more consistent performance throughout the rpm range.

Image: PerTronix Ignitor II
  • Four times more spark energy between 3,000-5,000 rpm
  • Twice the available voltage at spark plugs
  • "Smart system" micro controller adapts dwell for consistent peak energy through the RPM range, reduced misfiring and improved overall performance
  • Peak current level is reached just prior to spark for maximum energy with minimal heat build up
  • Senses start up and develops more energy to ensure faster, more consistent starting under all conditions
  • Reverse polarity and over current protection
  • Senses a "key on" condition and shuts down automatically for protection
  • Legal in all 50 states and Canada (meets C.A.R.B. E.O. #D-57-2)
  • 30 month guarantee

We recommend the Pertronix Ignitor II Kit over the original Ignitor for several reasons, the main one being that it has a built-in circuit that protects it from damage if the ignition is inadvertently left on without the engine running. This can burn up the electronics in the original version, and for that reason alone we recommend the upgraded kit for a slightly higher price. It's well worth the additional expense, for the peace of mind you gain. Most will also not need the rev limiter feature offered on the Ignitor III, which will save you some money.

Image: PerTronix Ignitor III
  • Latest Ignitor model for high performance engines
  • Five times more spark energy than points
  • Multi-spark through the entire RPM range (all the way to redline!)
  • Improved combustion
  • Increased spark energy provides more horsepower and better fuel economy
  • REV limit can be set by user—accurate to +/- 50 rpm
  • Memory safe function for user settings
  • LED user feedback for rev limit confirmation
  • Senses crank orientation from either the distributor cam lobe or a magnetic sleeve
  • Legal in all 50 states and Canada (meets C.A.R.B. E.O. #D-57-8)
  • 30 month guarantee

The PerTronix Ignitor III is the newest version, and is designed for high performance engines or classic cars where the driver would like to be able to set rev limits.


Image: 1181GM 1956-1974 V-8 (Delco Distributor w/o Lobe Sensor; Ignitor #1181)

Image: 1181LSGM 1956-1974 V-8 (Lobe Sensor; Ignitor #1181LS)

Image: 1281Ford/Lincoln/Mercury 1957-1974 V-8 (Ignitor #1281)

Image: 1282Ford 1954-1956 Y Block (May fit some 1949-1953 engines; Ignitor #1282)

Image: 1361ADodge/Plymouth 1960-1972 V-6 (Ignitor #1361A)

Image: 1381AChrysler 1962-1975 V-8 (Single Point; Ignitor #1381A)

Image: 1382Mopar 1959-1971 V-8 Dual Point (Ignitor #1382)

Image: CH181Chrysler/Dodge 1972-1983 V-8 (Ignitor #CH181)

Click for more detailed Original PerTronix Ignitor make and model applications or for PerTronix Installation instructions.


Image: 91181GM 1956-1974 V-8 (Ignitor II #91181)

Image: 91281Ford/Lincoln/Mercury 1957-1974 V-8 (Ignitor II #91281)

Image: 91381AMopar 1959-1975 V-8 (Single Point; Ignitor II #91381A)

Click for more detailed PerTronix Ignitor II make and model applications or for PerTronix Installation instructions.


Image: 71181GM 1957-1974 V-8 (Delco Distributor; Ignitor III #71181)

Image: 71281Motorcraft 1957-1974 V-8 (Single Point; Pertronix III #71281)

Image: 71281DFord 1960-1972 V-8 (Dual Point/Non-Vacuum; Pertronix III #71281D)

Image: 71381AChrysler/Plymouth/Dodge 1962-1975 V-8 (Pertronix III #71381A)

Click for more detailed PerTronix Ignitor III make and model applications or for PerTronix Installation instructions.


The perfect coil for your new electronic ignition system: the Flame-Thrower by PerTronix!

These higher voltage coils allow for a wider spark plug gap for improved engine performance and better gas mileage.

See our Flame-Thrower Coils page to choose the right one for your car.

WE LOVE THIS IGNITION SYSTEM—AND YOU WILL TOO! This is probably the single most important upgrade you can make to your classic car to improve performance. You will not regret making this change—ask your friends who have a PerTronix ignition system (sometimes called Petronics by mistake), and they will tell you how wonderful it is.

  • Installs in 30 minutes
  • Completely concealed, no one will ever know it's not stock
  • Lose the points and condenser—and all the related problems
  • Fast, reliable starting under all conditions
  • Stable, smooth idle
  • Maximum fuel economy

The difference is...amazing. Don't delay, buy today!