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The Encyclopedia of Classic CarsThe Encyclopedia of Classic Cars (Revised and updated edition) by Kevin Brazendale (Editor). Hardcover; 640 pages, 1,200 color and black and white photos.

Book Description
Whether your favorite car is a Ford Model T or a Ferrari Testarossa, you're bound to find it in this comprehensive collection of the most famous cars on the road. Easy-to-use, alphabetized entries include history of the manufacturer and model. Commissioned photography highlights specific models of over 600 cars. Each car's history is complemented by performance tables that include information such as speed, power, engine type, etc. With lively and informative text, this volume is a unique reference manual for every automobile historian and enthusiast.

Encyclopedia of Classic Cars: Sports Cars 1945-1975Encyclopedia of Classic Cars: Sports Cars 1945-1975 by Rob de la Rive Box. Hardcover; 300 pages.

The Fabulous '50s: The Cars, The CultureThe Fabulous '50s: The Cars, The Culture by John Gunnell and Mary Sieber. Paperback, 304 pages, 500 photos.

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From advertising to publicity stills, to billboards, this book documents how America entered the fifties with a rejuvenated post-war economy and left the fifties in the age of outer space. The mostly black and white photos have fact-filled captions that make for very pleasurable reading.

Fabulous Fins of the FiftiesFabulous Fins of the Fifties by Rob Leicester Wagner. Hardcover; 120 pages.

Automotive Mileposts Review
A gorgeous coffee table book, notable for its omissions as much as anything else. You'll find many of the finned beauties you remember from the decade of automotive excess, as well as a few that might surprise you. A few favorites might be missing, but the beautiful photography and artwork will make you long for the fabulous fifties again..

Fifties Flashback: The American CarFifties Flashback: The American Car by Dennis Adler. Hardcover; 160 pages, 150 color illustrations, 50 black and white.

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The American automobile never dazzled as much as it did in the fifties. It entered the decade looking much the same as it had in the forties, and in the 10 short years known as the fifties became unique and distinctive. These were the days when you could tell a car's make from half a mile away. The photos are wonderful, a great addition to any library.

Ford: The Dust and the GloryFord, The Dust and The Glory: A Racing History 1901-1967 by Leo Levine. Hardcover; 676 pages.

Automotive Mileposts Review
This book was originally published in 1968, and documents Ford's exciting race history from the 1901 Detroit Driving Club, which Henry Ford himself won, up through A.J. Foyt and Dan Gurney's 1967 win at LeMans. Facts covering behind the scenes testing and development of the cars is accompanied by numerous black and white photographs to assist telling the story. If you're a Ford race fan, you will want this book in your collection.

Ford ChronicleFord Chronicle (Revised Edition) by James M. Flammang and David Lanier Lewis. Hardcover.

Fords of the FiftiesFords of the Fifties by Michael Parris. Paperback; 182 pages.

Book Description
Fords of the Fifties is a work of art and information about Ford cars during this romantic decade of chrome, fins and dual exhausts. Much of the photography is by author Mike Parris, one of the country's foremost automotive photographers. Original photography and information from the archives of Ford Motor Company, Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village, and the Detroit Library's National Automotive Collection are also featured. This is a must-have book for any classic car enthusiast.
Parris blends a behind-the-scenes story of Ford Motor Company's survival and comeback from 1949 to 1959 with these beautiful images and details of classic Fords. The company was losing $10 million per month during the mid-1940s when 27-year old Henry Ford II came back from the Navy to take charge and lead the company to one of the most successful decades in its history. After nearing the brink of bankruptcy, Ford Motor Company came bounding back with record profits, memorable products and dream cars that captured the minds of post-war America.

In this story of success and fabulous cars Parris captures the essence of the company during the 1950s through research at the Ford Motor Company archives, and in interviews with executives from the period. Fords of the Fifties will become your best source of information for this great period in Ford automotive history.
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