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Great CarGreat Car by Quentin Willson. Paperback; 511 pages.

Book Description
In Great Car, Quentin Wilson has hand-picked the most desirable of the world's automobiles, describing every last curve and wing nut with all his insider knowledge and charm. Test drive the Essential Car Guide and discover in-depth profiles of over 130 of the word's greatest cars captured in all their glory through superbly shot full-color photos. Each car is pictured form every angle, including interiors and engine close-ups. There is something for every car lover -- from the agonizingly pretty AC Ace-Bristol and the "plastic fantastic" Chevrolet Corvette to the outrageously exotic colors of the Lamborghini Miura and the timeless good looks of the MGB, famously advertised by the slogan: "Your mother wouldn't like it."

Fact-filled Feast for Enthusiasts: With comprehensive historical, technical, and performance data for each car, Great Car is an essential and entertaining read for seasoned drivers and wannabe owners alike. It's a classic book for anyone who appreciates great cars.

Hood OrnamentsHood Ornaments by Rob Leicester Wagner. Hardcover; 128 pages.

How To Maintain and Enjoy Your Collector CarHow To Maintain and Enjoy Your Collector Car by Josh B. Malks. Paperback, 160 pages.

Book Description
Granting cars collectible status seems to have a funny affect on their owners. After lavishing hours of attention and oodles of cash on their prize, it too often ceases to be transportation and becomes, instead, mechanical sculpture. Unfortunately, the affect of this pristine inactivity on the car is not so funny. Seals dry up, brake fluid congeals, rust begins, and interiors decay.

Want to keep your collector car in top shape? Then get it out of the garage and drive it! Yesterday's classics will happily run down today's roads with careful maintenance and some of the advantages offered by modern technology.

How to Maintain and Enjoy Your Collector Car tells you how to make your classic roadworthy and keep it that way by making use of the latest products and technologies.

How To Restore Your Collector CarHow To Restore Your Collector Car by Tom Brownell. Paperback; 286 pages.

Book Description
First published in 1984, this bestselling restoration book has gone through a multitude of reprints while proving itself a trusty standby for automotive enthusiasts the world over. This reincarnation of that tried-and-true classic retains the same helpful hands-on advice of its predecessor, but is updated to include all color photographs, classic models through the 1970s, and advances in techniques, products, and laws governing modifications. Excellent step-by-step instructions cover all areas of restoration--mechanical, electrical, bodywork, and more. And author Tom Brownell goes to great lengths to point out the materials, tools, and parts needed to get the job done correctly and on budget. From selecting a suitable restoration candidate to applying the final coat of paint, Brownell leaves readers with a thorough understanding of the entire process.
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