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Maximum MuscleMaximum Muscle: Factory Special Musclecars by Steve Statham. Paperback; 128 pages.

Book Description
During the height of the muscle car era, Ford, Chrysler, GM, and AMC offered a number of cars which, in addition to being street legal, were designed to meet the specifications necessary to campaign the NASCAR, NHRA drag racing, and SCCA Trans-Am race series. This color history examines the design, technology, and marketing of these "homologation" specials. Modern color photography of showroom-quality examples provide a view of remarkable machines like the Boss 302 and 429, Chrysler Hemi, Plymouth AAR 'Cuda, Dodge Challenger T/A, AMX Javelin, Mercury Cyclone Spoiler, and Plymouth Superbird.

Image: No image availableMonstrous American Car Spotters' Guide: 1920-1980 by Tad Burness. Hardcover; 1,080 pages.

Image: No image availableThe Mother of All Car Books: How to Get More Fun and Profit Buying, Showing and Selling Vintage and Classic Cars by Rod and Sherry Reprogle. Paperback.

Muscle: America's Legendary Performance CarsMuscle: America's Legendary Performance Cars by Randy Leffingwell, Darwin Holmstrom, and David Newhardt. Hardcover; 384 pages.

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Automotive Mileposts Review:

It's a good thing this book is about muscle cars, as you'll see when you pick up this book - you're going to need muscles to do it! Weighing in at better than 6½ pounds, with dimensions of 12 x 11, to say it's a big book is an understatement. But it's much more than just a big book. Crammed full of facts and figures, we just can't put it down. The photography is stunning, with super rare cars that are rarely seen these days, all shot on location - you won't be able to determine which is your favorite photo. This book defines the muscle car generation, the age of love, drugs, and rock and roll, when the need for speed was number one, and American car makers gave the people the powerful cars they wanted. It was an era the likes of which we will never see again, and with each turn of the page, it's one thrill after another.

MustangMustang by Randy Leffingwell. Hardcover; 192 pages.

Book Description
Probably the best color photography on this subject to date. Includes all Mustangs from 1964½ through 1995, with considerable attention paid to prototypes.

There's even information about the Bullitt Mustang, from the 1968 movie of the same name which starred Steve McQueen. Famous for its car chase scene, the streets of San Francisco seem tame today when compared to the chaos created in this movie! Mustang fans will enjoy this book.

Mustang 1964½-1973 Restoration GuideMustang 1964½-1973 Restoration Guide (Second Edition) by Tom Corcoran and Earl Davis. Paperback; 416 pages.

Automotive Mileposts Review
Featuring hundreds of exploded views and diagrams, this book also highlights the options available each year. Not really a step-by-step guide for a complete restoration project, but a good resource to have during a restoration, especially for the early Mustangs through the 1970 model year.

Mustang, America's Favorite Pony Car (Second Edition)Mustang, America's Favorite Pony Car (Second Editon) by John A. Gunnell. Paperback; 328 pages.

Book Description
From highway patrol to Indy Pace Cars, GTs and Shelby-Cobras to Mach 1s, Mustang lovers will corral all their favorites in this comprehensive look at the pony car legend.

This is the complete story of Mustang from the 1963 prototype through today, including the cloak of secrecy surrounding its early development, its racing and high-performance history, prototypes and specials, the enormously popular 5.0 "litre of the pack," and much more. Up-to-date coverage showcases 6 more years than the last edition, plus an all-new 16-page color section and helpful buying tips.

- Complete coverage of Mustang through 2000.
- Comprehensive spec, option, and production figures.
- All-new 16-page color section.

Mustang Red Book 1964½-2000Mustang Red Book 1964½-2000 (Third Edition) by Peter C. Sessler. Paperback; 160 pages.

Book Description
From the first Ford Mustang introduced in 1964 through the new 4.6-liter model for 2000, this information-packed pocketbook features production numbers, factory colors, options, specifications, engine codes, serial numbers, and photographs of the cars discussed. Plus, a handy trim-size makes it perfect for spot checks.

Mustang Restoration HandbookMustang Restoration Handbook by Don Taylor. Paperback; 176 pages, over 450 photos and drawings.

Automotive Mileposts Review
If you are planning a ground up restoration, or if you just want to do it a part at a time this book will walk you through it. Yearly equipment and specifications changes are listed, as well as assembly and disassembly of the various components. Includes a Mustang supplier listing.

NASCAR® For Dummies®NASCAR® For Dummies® by Mark Martin. Paperback; 352 pages.

Book Description
The smell of the grease, the roar of the engines...and they're off! From NASCAR rules and regulations to pit stops and penalties, NASCAR For Dummies explores the nuts and bolts—and the excitement and anguish—of America's fastest growing spectator sport. It also explains the mechanics of training, conditioning, and qualifying, and even shows how those racing engines are tuned to go so fast!

The Nifty Fifties FordsThe Nifty Fifties Fords by Ray Miller and Glenn Embree. Hardcover; 320 pages.
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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Classic Luxury Cars
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