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Repairing and Restoring Classic Car ComponentsRepairing and Restoring Classic Car Components by Peter and John Wallage. Hardcover; 176 pages.

Retro Ride - Advertising Art of the American AutomobileRetro Ride - Advertising Art of the American Automobile by Tony Swan. Harcover; 176 pages.

Book Description
A century ago the motorcar was a cantankerous, frail device that was difficult for all but a few visionaries to perceive as practical. By 1920, that picture had changed dramatically, and the automobile was well on its way to becoming the dominant transportation device in this country. However, the evolution of practical automobiles is only part of the story. In order to take advantage of mass production there had to be mass markets, and that meant advertising. RETRO RIDE traces the evolution of the automobile and the simultaneous marketing messages that helped it flower across five decades—the Roaring Twenties through the Go-Go Sixties. Beautifully illustrated with original advertisements, Retro Ride celebrates not only the beauty and diversity of the American automobile but also the heyday of American print advertising. It's a ride well worth the taking.

Retro RodsRetro Rods by Dan Burger and Robert Genat. Paperback; 96 pages.

Book Description
Over the last few years, "old school" techniques and aesthetics have emerged as the predominant trends among hot rod enthusiasts. Some of today's most notable "retro rods" are featured in this all-color overview of the current nostalgia for simpler and more utilitarian vehicles. Color photography depicts new hot rods that are built to resemble cars of the 1940s and 1950s, as well as some of the more unique and outrageous customs of the 1960s. In addition, the authors present case examples of hot rods from the 1940s and 1950s that have been restored to their former glory.

Roadside America: The Automobile and the American DreamRoadside America: The Automobile and the American Dream by Lucinda Lewis (Photographer). Hardcover; 271 pages, 230 photographs, 185 in full color.

Book Description
A paean to American ingenuity and craftsmanship, this new book is both the most complete survey available of 20th-century American cars and a glorious, nostalgic photographic portrait of the icons of roadside America. Lucinda Lewis has created a breathtaking armchair spin through America's fabulous and fast-fading roadside culture.

Lewis's evocative tribute takes us deep into the heart of 20th-century American history and folklore. With quotes from those who traveled our fabled highways, she vividly portrays, along with the great American cars, the neon-drenched diners, drive-in movie theaters, and last-chance gas stations that once peppered our landscape, as well as the mesmerizing attractions of Route 66, the Mother Road made famous by Steinbeck and Kerouac. Many of these, sadly, no longer exist, but fortunately Lucinda Lewis's camera has preserved them forever.

LUCINDA LEWIS is one of the world's premier automotive photographers; her work appears regularly in numerous publications. She and her husband live in Los Angeles, California.

Route 66Route 66 by Tim Steil, Photography by Jim Luning. Paperback; 96 pages.

Automotive Mileposts Review
Probably the best book to date on the subject, Route 66 is a joy from beginning to end. Referred to affectionately as The Mother Road, Route 66 was the first highway built for high speed travel in the United States. Due to the reliability of the cars and trucks using this road, it was lined with repair shops, diners, and tourist traps. The photography is excellent and the text is insightful and well written. Travelling from Chicago to Los Angeles via this book is a joy!

Route 66: The Illustrated Guidebook to the Mother Road (Out of print)(Out of print)
Route 66: The Illustrated Guidebook to the Mother Road
by Bob Moore, Patrick Grauwels, Yannis Argyropoulos (Photographer). Spiral-bound; 94 pages.

Book Description
The ultimate guidebook to the Route 66 of today with over 200 color photographs and enough information to allow any road warrior to find, drive and experience the Mother Road. Designed in a mile-by-mile format the entire 2448 miles of Route 66 are covered in detail providing the most accurate guide available. Listings for radio stations, cafes and favorite motels bring the Route 66 adventure to life. For the video hound a listing of Road Movies can provide an evening of nostalgic road entertainment in front of the tube. Using a special spiral-type binding the book allows for ease of use while setting out on that Route 66 trip and is also a joy for the armchair traveler who may not be able to journey down the Main Street of America.

Route 66: Lives On the RoadRoute 66: Lives On the Road by Jon G. Robinson. Hardcover; 128 pages.

Book Description
Connecting Chicago and Los Angeles, Route 66 was lined for more than a half-century with businesses that catered to the pioneering motorists and travelers who journeyed along the "Mother Road." This nostalgic, illustrated history gathers the stories of those folks who used Route 66, as well as those who lived along the road and made their living there. Along with tales of travel, the book also examines the entire range of Route 66 vocations and services: gas, food, lodging, museums, souvenir shops, law enforcement, wrecker operators, and more. Fans of this American icon will enjoy the tales of the people who made the road a legend, as well as the hundreds of period and modern color photographs that illustrate their stories.
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