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As of the time of this writing, there have been no recent books published on the Lincoln Continental. Fortunately, there are excellent out of print books still available, which we have listed here.

LINCOLN 1958-1969

OUT OF PRINT—New and used copies normally available

Image: Gold Star LINCOLN 1958-1969 by James W. Howell. 160 pages, paperback.

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Discusses the unibody era at Ford, with many photos of prototypes, show cars, the one millionth production Lincoln, Lehmann-Petersen Limousines, etc. Individual chapters address the Lehmann-Peterson Limousines as well as the Presidential Lincoln Limousines of the sixties. Over 200 black and white photographs, advertisements, and drawings.

There are many details covered in this book that you don't find in other publications. Lincoln enthusiasts will have a better appreciation of their marque after reading this book. Prices for this publication are often quite high, however they do reflect the quality of the information provided, and demand.

Image: Lincoln & Continental 1946-1980: The Classic Postwar Years

OUT OF PRINT—New and used copies sometimes available

Image: Gold Star Lincoln & Continental 1946-1980: The Classic Postwar Years by Paul R. Woudenberg. 200 pages, hardcover.

Automotive Mileposts Review
Originally published in 1980, this thorough history of the Lincoln and Continental motorcars from 1946 to 1980 is full of little known information about the men who designed the cars, and the reasoning behind some of the decisions that were made regarding Lincoln design, pricing, and marketing.

Many of Lincoln's show cars during this period are included, such as the Futura, 1965 Town Brougham, 1966 stainless steel Convertibles, 1967 Coronation Coupe II, 1969 Town Sedan, Dual Cowl Phaeton, etc. Images are provided for many of the show cars, and there are also many images of styling prototypes, including clays and full mock-ups. The information and images of the planned Continental Mark II four door hardtop (yes, you read that correctly!) styled by John Reinhart are incredible. The flat-roofed design was striking. It's really a shame the car wasn't built.

This is a great coffee table book, and should absolutely be a part of any Lincoln enthusiast's library. Long out of print, it is sometimes still available new (mouse over the book cover or link to check current availability of both new and used copies). It is often an expensive book, even in used form, but very much worth the cost.

Lincoln Continental 1961-1969

OUT OF PRINT—New and used copies may still be available

LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 1961-1969 by R.M. Clarke (Editor). 100 pages, paperback. (This book has been revised, see Lincoln Continental 1961-1969 Performance Portfolio for details.)

Automotive Mileposts Review
A collection of reviews and articles from major automotive publications about the 1961-1969 Lincoln Continentals, all assembled in one book. The Lincoln is compared to its contemporaries in road tests, performance, handling abilities, etc.

Image: Lincoln Continental Performance Portfolio 1961-1969

OUT OF PRINT—New and used copies may be available

Lincoln Continental 1961-1969 Performance Portfolio by R. M. Clarke (Editor). 140 pages, paperback. (Revision of Lincoln Continental 1961-1969.)

Automotive Mileposts Review
This book reprints contemporary automotive magazine articles covering the 1961-1969 Lincoln Continentals. New model introductions, road tests, comparisons to other luxury models, performance statistics, specifications, and general observations about the cars when they were brand new.

It's very interesting to see what the perspective was among the experts when these cars were new. Lots of black and white photographs.

The Lincoln Continental Story from Zephyr to Mark II

OUT OF PRINT—New and used copies normally available

The Lincoln Continental Story from Zephyr to Mark II by Tim Howley. 128 pages, paperback.

Book Description
The complete story of the original Lincoln Continental, as told in the pages of Continental Comments, the authoritative publication of the Lincoln and Continental Owners Club (LCOC).

Loaded with insightful stories never before published outside of this award-winning magazine. Read about the development of the Lincoln-Zephyr and its evolution into the original 1939-40 Lincoln Continental, along with quotes from people who originally designed the car. Includes stories on the 1949 Lincoln Continental that was never produced, and the 1949-51 era Lincoln flathead V-8s that succeeded the original Lincoln Continental.

Concludes with the development of the $10,000 1956-1957 Continental Mark II, and discusses why it missed the mark, and was discontinued after only two years. Also included are stories about movie star and other celebrity-owned Lincoln cars, among them are Rita Hayworth, Mickey Rooney, Jack Benny, Babe Ruth and Frank Lloyd Wright.

Image: Lincoln Motor Cars 1946-1960 Photo Archive

OUT OF PRINT—New and used copies often available

Lincoln Motor Cars 1946-1960 Photo Archive by Mark Patrick. 128 pages, paperback.

Book Description
The post-war years of the Lincoln Motor Car Division of Ford Motor Company are detailed in this book, with photographs from Detroit Public Library's National Automotive History Collection.

Included are Edsel Ford's Lincoln Continental, as well as other Lincoln models such as the Cosmopolitan, Capri, Premiere, and the short-lived and very expensive 1956-1957 Continental Mark II. Rare factory assembly images of new 1946 models awaiting their grilles and bumpers due to a shortage of chromium and another showing employees in white coats installing bright work. There are many rare photos in this book, and it is highly recommended for 1946-1960 Lincoln enthusiasts.

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