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1964 Buick Riviera
Interior Trim

1964 Buick Riviera


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Standard Interior
(All Vinyl)

Medium Blue
602 Silver
603 Fawn
607 Red
608 Black

Optional Custom Interior
(Baronet Cloth Inserts with Vinyl Bolsters)

611 Medium Blue
613 Fawn

Optional Custom Interior
(All Vinyl)

Medium Blue
624 White
628 Black
629 Saddle

Note: For 1964, Riviera Custom Interiors included:

  • Full-length door arm rests
  • Door latches for rear seat passengers
  • Wood veneer inserts on door and quarter trim panels, center console, and radio face plate
  • Circular Riviera script ornaments on door panels

Note 2: 1964 was the first year of this series to include wood veneer on the console when the Custom Interior was specified.

Did you know?

Buick removed genuine leather upholstery from the regular production options list for 1964. It's not clear why this step was taken, however, customers who placed a special order in 1964 could specify leather for their interior, available in the same four colors offered for the Custom all-vinyl interiors.

Leather wasn't offered by the factory again for the Riviera until the 1974 model year, and even then in only two colors.

It is not known at this time if leather remained a special order option after 1964, but very few, if any, original cars have been documented with it during the years between 1964-1974.

(All Vinyl)

1964 Riviera standard interior in Blue Vinyl (trim code 601)601 Medium Blue

1964 Riviera standard interior in Fawn vinyl (trim code 603)603 Fawn

1964 Riviera standard vinyl interior in Red (trim code 607)607 Red

1964 Riviera standard interior in Black Vinyl (trim code 608)608 Black

(Cloth Inserts with Vinyl Bolsters)

1964 Riviera optional Custom Green Baronet Cloth interior (code 610)610 Green Baronet Cloth

(All Vinyl)

1964 Riviera Custom Interior option in White (code 624)624 White

1964 Riviera optional Custom Interior in Black Vinyl (trim code 628)628 Black