Automotive Mileposts  

1955 Ford Thunderbird
Exterior Paint Colors

Image: 1955 Thunderbird in Torch Red

Above: 1955 Thunderbird in Torch Red (paint code R)



Image: A - Raven Black A - Raven Black (9000)

Image: E - Snowshoe White E - Snowshoe White (8097—late introduction)

Image: F - Pinetree Green Metallic F - Pinetree Green Metallic (41635—special order color)

P - Primer (for custom painting by customer)

Image: R - Torch Red R - Torch Red (70540)

Image: T - Thunderbird Blue T - Thunderbird Blue (11115)

Image: V - Goldenrod Yellow V - Goldenrod Yellow (80653—late introduction)

Image: Cameo Coral (special order) S - Cameo Coral (70455—special order color)

Image: Tropical Rose (special order) S - Tropical Rose (50397—special order color)

Initially, just three colors were offered on the 1955 Thunderbird: Raven Black, Torch Red, and Thunderbird Blue. In February 1955, an additional color, Snowshoe White, was added. Close behind, in March 1955, Goldenrod Yellow was made available. Two special order colors were also documented on 1955 Thunderbirds, Cameo Coral, a stock 1954 Ford color, and Tropical Rose, a stock 1955 Ford color. It's not certain how many others may have been painted one of these colors, or another special color.

Thunderbirds left the line painted in single tone, although it's likely that some had their hardtops repainted white by dealers before delivery, due to customer requests. There is some evidence that suggests a few late production cars may have had their hardtops painted a contrasting color, although they appear to be somewhat rare.

Automotive Mileposts has documented one car that was painted Raven Black with a Goldenrod Yellow hardtop. The interior was trim code XD Yellow/Black. This car appears to have left the factory in this color combination at the time of inspection, back in 1973.