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1956 Ford Thunderbird
Interior Trim

Image: 1956 Ford Thunderbird interior

Above: 1956 Thunderbird Peacock and White Vinyl Interior (trim code XC)

Note 1: Each year of the 1955-57 era had a distinctive sew pattern on the seats. In 1956, the darker-colored bolsters wrapped around the outboard edge of the seat cushion and seat back, then split the two seating areas down the center, except for the top fourth of the seat back. In this area, the white pleated section runs full width and the center section features an embossed design near the top with a Ford crest set in a circular design.


XA - Black/White
XB - Red/White
XC - Peacock/White (shown at left)
XD - Tan/White
XF - Green/White


White perforated vinyl


Black Rayon Canvas
White Cotan Vinyl

Sewn-In Rear Window except very late in production a zippered rear window was introduced. With this addition, two straps were provided to hold the rolled window in place. The White Cotan Vinyl tops were said to be non-shrinking and non-fading, however they didn't hold up well under low temperature conditions, and many required replacement within a few years.

Note 2: The piping around the pleated inserts matches the color of the bolsters in 1956 (image at left is not correct). Genuine Leather was provided on very few cars by special order for an extra $100, and added an additional two weeks to the delivery date.