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1957 Ford Thunderbird
Interior Trim

Image: 1957 Ford Thunderbird interior

Above: 1957 Thunderbird Medium Green and Light Green Vinyl Interior (trim code XM)

Note 1: Each year of the 1955-57 era had a distinctive sew pattern on the seats. For 1957, the horizontal pleats were separated in the center by the seat bolster material, which was a darker shade on all interiors except for the red, copper, and white interiors which were all one color.

The white interior had black carpeting on the floor, although a few cars have been documented with original copper or red carpeting, which matched the exterior color, with the white interior. It isn't clear if these cars were specially-ordered this way or not, or perhaps a change was made by the dealer prior to delivery.

Note 2: Early production T-birds featured a stylized Thunderbird emblem set in three circles in the center of the seat back. This was discontinued as a running production change in January 1957 due to the circular part of the embossment disappearing.


XA - Black/White
XH - Red*
XJ - Copper*
XK - White*
XL - Medium Blue/Light Blue*
XM - Medium Green/Light Green* (shown at left)


White perforated vinyl


Black Rayon
White Cotan Vinyl
Blue Rayon*
Tan Rayon*

A zippered rear window was provided on all 1957 Thunderbirds. Two straps held the rolled window in place.

Image: 1957 Thunderbird Hardtop and Convertible Top