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Optional Equipment

Thunderbird script
Swift Sure Power Brakes ($37)
Overdrive Transmission ($108)
Master Guide Power Steering ($69)
Manually-Adjustable Front Passenger Seat ($17)
     (Added as Standard Equipment in May, 1958)*
Electric Clock ($15.94) (Added as Standard in May, 1958)*
Power Lift Windows ($101)
4-Way Power Driver's Seat ($64)
MagicAire Heater-Defroster ($95)
SelectAire Conditioner (Includes I-Rest Tinted Glass) ($395)
     New for '58
I-Rest Tinted Glass ($20)
Cruise-O-Matic Transmission ($197)
6-Tube Pushbutton Radio with Antenna ($77)
Aquamatic Windshield Washer/Wiper ($12)
Lifeguard Front Seat Belts ($21)
Outside Rearview Mirror (Left or Right) ($5)
Fashion Ray Full Wheel Covers ($19)
Rear Fender Shields ($27)
Whitewall Tires 8.00 x 14 (Exchange) ($36)
Backup Lights ($8.50)
Gunsight Front Fender Ornament ($6.50)
     (Added as Standard in May, 1958)*
Deluxe Rear Deck-Mounted Antenna ($10)
Sports Spare Wheel Carrier ($133)
Visored Spotlight Mirror ($30)
Locking Gas Cap (Researching Price)
Chrome Engine Dress-Up Kit ($25)
Exterior Chrome Dress-Up Package ($32)
Glove Box and Luggage Compartment Lights ($10)
Heavy Duty 70-Amp Battery ($8)
Equa Lock Rear Axle ($39)
Tutone Paint ($22)
Front and Rear Vinyl Contour Color-Keyed Floor Mats

*Exact date these items were added as standard equipment is being researched.
Swift Sure Power Brakes
Swift Sure Power Brakes reduce braking effort by one third.
Overdrive Transmission
Overdrive Transmission was available only with the 300 Horsepower Thunderbird Special 352 V-8 Engine, automatically engaged a fourth gear on the standard transmission for improved fuel economy at highway speeds.
4-Way Power Seat
4-Way Power Seat moves up, down, forward, or back and synchronizes tilting of the seat back for an infinate adjustment range.
1958 Ford Thunderbird Hardtop in Winterset White
Shown: 1958 Thunderbird Hardtop in Winterset White (paint code B)

NOTE: The white painted wheels shown on this example are not correct.
All 1958 Ford Thunderbirds should have black painted wheels.

Consider the car pictured above without the options listed at right...

They were worth the small additional cost, wouldn't you say?
1. Fashion Ray Full Wheel Covers $19.00
2. Whitewall Tires $ 36.00
3. Rear Fender Shields $27.00
TOTAL $82.00

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