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1959 Thunderbird script
In case you didn't recognize it, this is the good life: three 1959 Ford Thunderbird Convertibles in one photograph!
It doesn't get any better than this: a country estate, a beautiful day, croquet on the lawn, and three 1959 Thunderbird Convertibles!
(Shown left to right: Indian Turquoise, Casino Cream, and Flamingo Pink)
352 Cubic Inch Thunderbird Special V-8 (300 Horsepower)
3-Speed Manual Transmission
Automatic Choke
4-Barrel Carburetor
Full-Flow Oil Filtration System
Dual Exhaust System
Thunderbird Front Fender Ornaments
Manually Adjustable Individual Front Seats
Panel Console
Cigarette Lighter
Front and Rear Ash Trays
Lifeguard Padded Instrument Panel
Cushioned Sun Visors
Lifeguard Deep-Center Steering Wheel with Horn Ring
Dual Horns
Safety-Swivel Rear View Mirror
Double-Grip Door Locks
Turn Signals
Coat Hooks in Rear Compartment
Automatic Dome Light (Hardtop) or Courtesy Light
Fully Carpeted Interior
Fully Lined Luggage Compartment
Safety-Twin Taillights
4 Ford Hub Caps
Lockable Glove Compartment
Electric Clock with Sweep Second Hand
Choice of All-Vinyl Upholstery or Combination Vinyl
     Bolster with Linen Inserts
Front and Rear Bumper Guards
Thunderbird's instrument cluster
Thunderbird's standard instrument cluster, above, featured a 140-mph speedometer (center), and included gauges for fuel level and engine temperature (left pod). Lights on either side of steering column monitored oil pressure and generator. An electric clock with sweep second hand (right pod) was also standard. The photo above also shows the Master Guide Power Steering wheel hub centerpiece. Late in production, a few 1959 Thunderbirds came equipped from the factory with 1960-style white centerpieces.
Photos Courtesy Randy Ade
Thunderbird glove compartment door with ribbed chrome
The glove compartment door, above, featured a ribbed chrome appearance that matched the instrument side of the instrument panel. The gold Thunderbird script on the door was standard, as was the lock. If you wanted a light inside, it was optional. The 1958-1960 models would be the last series to utilize a glove compartment in the instrument panel until the 1967 Thunderbirds came along.
1959 Thunderbird luggage compartment: room to spare 1959 Thunderbird:

The luxury of space...

Room for four inside, and all of their luggage too! Smaller than other cumbersome luxury cars of its day, the Thunderbird was considered a compact. With its combination of size, performance, luxury, and prestige, there wasn't anything else like it.

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