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Automotive Mileposts  
Optional Equipment
Thunderbird - unique in all the world
Thunderbird 390 High Performance V-8 Engine
  (340 Horsepower) ($242.10)
Sports Tachometer (8,000 RPM) ($56.80) New
  option for '63

Wire Wheels ($372.30)
Full Wheel Covers with Simulated Knock-Off
  Hubs ($15.60) New option for '63
Concentric Whitewall Tires ($51.90) New option for '63
Rear Radio Speaker (Hardtops only) ($15.50)
  New option for '63
Reverberator Rear Radio Speaker (Hardtops
  only) ($54.10) New option for '63
Automatic Speed Control (Listed as optional in
  sales brochures, but not installed in
  production until 1964 model year.)

Vacuum-Operated Door Locks ($34.10) New
  option for '63

Tinted Glass ($43)
Rear Fender Shields (Except Sports Roadster
  Wire Wheels) ($26.60)
Seat Belts ($16.80)
Spotlight (Researching Price)
Leather Seat Inserts and Bolsters (106.20)
SelectAire Conditioner ($415.10)
Power Windows ($106.20)
AM-FM Radio ($83.70) New option for '63
Driver's Power Seat ($92.10)
Passenger's Power Seat ($92.10)
Windshield Washers ($13.70)
Two Tone Paint ($25.80)
Heavy Duty Battery ($7.60)
Dual Exhaust System (Standard with High
  Performance V-8) ($31.90) New option for '63
Tachometer (Dealer installed accessory)
  ($31.75) New option for '62
AM-FM Radio
A new option for 1963, the AM-FM Radio was said to offer "concert hall clarity and tone in the finest all-transistor radio yet!" Five pushbuttons (two AM, three FM). FM band features automatic frequency control which selects desired stations precisely, eliminates drifting.
SelectAire Conditioner
SelectAire Conditioner controls Summer heat or Winter cold, defrosts and ventilates. Knob under instrument panel, to left of controls, opens or closes air conditioning duct to driver's side floor area. Another, out of view in this photo, was provided for the passenger floor area.
Power Windows
Power Window switches moved back to console for 1963, and along the way managed to lose the lock-out switch provided in 1961-1962.
Genuine Leather Trim shown in Medium Blue Metallic (note Power Passenger Seat)
Luxurious Genuine Leather trim was available for all Thunderbirds. Medium Blue Metallic Leather (code 82) is shown above. Also notable is the Power Passenger Seat.
Full Wheel Covers with Simulated Knock-Off Spinners
Full Wheel Covers with Simulated Knock-off Hubs were a new option for 1963. (Not available on Sports Roadster model.)
Power Seat
Power Seat available for either or both front seats, simply point toggle switch in the direction you wish seat to move, and a powerful electric motor does all of the work for you.