Automotive Mileposts  
Optional Equipment
Transistorized Ignition System ($76)
Safety-Convenience Control Panel ($56.77)
Rear Seat Belts ($14.78)
Rear Seat Belt Retractors ($7.10)
AM-FM Radio ($83.70)
Rear Seat Speaker ($16.90)
StudioSonic Reverberator Rear Seat Speaker
Power Antenna ($29.60) New option for '65
SelectAire Conditioner ($424.90)
Tinted Glass ($43)
Power Side Windows ($106.20)
Power Side Windows with Power Vent Windows
     ($159.40) New option for '65
4-Way Power Driver's Seat ($92.10)
4-Way Power Driver's and Passenger's Seat
Reclining Passenger Seat and Headrest ($45.10)
Automatic Speed Control ($63.40)
Deluxe Wheel Covers with Simulated Knock-Off
     Hubs ($15.60)
Rear Fender Shields ($32.70)
Deluxe Wheel Covers and Rear Fender Shields
White Sidewall Tires (Researching price)
White Sidewall Tires with Red Band ($43.90) New
     option for '65

Heavy Duty Battery ($7.60)
Closed Emission System ($5.19) New option
     for '65

Automatic Deck Lid Release (Hardtop and Landau
($12.90) New option for '65
Automatic Headlight Dimmer (Special Order)
Extra Cooling Package ($7.90)
Heavy Duty Suspension ($28.60)
Limited Slip Differential ($46.69)
Sports Side Trim ($34.80)
Right Exterior Rearview Mirror ($6.95)
Color-Keyed Floor Mats ($15.25)
Door Edge Guards ($4.40)
License Plate Frame ($6.10)
Fuel Filler Door Edge Guard ($3.35)
Leather and Vinyl Upholstery ($106.20)
Special Landau Edition ($49.60) New option for '65
Two-Tone Paint ($25.80)
Special Order Paint ($35.40)
Safety-Convenience Control Panel
Safety-Convenience Control Panel
Features (left to right):
1. Toggle switch for safety flashers (flick up to activate)
2. Red safety flasher warning light
3. Low Fuel warning light (not lit in photo)
4. Door Ajar warning light*
5. Vacuum Door Lock toggle switch

*The door ajar warning light uses a special bulb that flashes if it remains lit for longer than 30-45 seconds.

Above the warning lights are levers to control the (left to right) windshield wipers, windshield washers, optional power antenna, map light, left and right cowl air vents.
Fasten Seat Belts Light/Power Window Controls
Seat Belt Light (standard)
Power Window Controls
SelectAire Conditioner/AM-FM Radio
SelectAire Conditioner
AM-FM Radio
Automatic Speed Control
Automatic Speed Control is mounted on console, maintains selected speed automatically. Button to right pulls up and remains in the up position with key on; automatically snaps to the down (off) position when key is turned off. Wheel rotates to select speed desired.

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