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1966 Ford Thunderbird Body Styles:
Hardtop, Town Hardtop, Town Landau, and Convertible

The Town Hardtop and Town Landau are both new, and would be offered only in 1966; the Landau is retired this year only

Over the years, there has been considerable confusion over exactly which models were offered for 1966. This is because two new model names were used, one was retired for one year only, and people generally don't understand what defines one model from the next. So, this is our attempt to provide clarity to the issue.

Image: 1966 Ford Thunderbird HardtopHARDTOP (Conventional Roof)

Body Serial Code:
Body Style Code: 63A
Color Shown: Honeydew Yellow (paint code L)

This model was the base Thunderbird model for 1966, and has the traditional Thunderbird roof line with triangular-shaped rear side quarter windows. It includes the standard emergency flasher system mounted on the map light assembly, with one on/off toggle switch and one red "FLASHER" light that flashes to indicate system operation.

There is no overhead roof console in this model.

Image: 1966 Ford Thunderbird Town Hardtop

TOWN HARDTOP (Blind Quarter Roof-Painted)

Body Serial Code:
Body Style Code: 63C
Color Shown: Candyapple Red (paint code T)

This was a new model for 1966. Note the difference in the roof line between this model and the one above. No rear quarter windows were provided on the Town Hardtop, and no vinyl roof was provided by the factory, although there was a dealer-installed vinyl roof option available.

This model featured standard Safety-Convenience Control Panel with the overhead roof console and warning lights, molded headliner panels, and a console-mounted vacuum door lock control.

A black textured finish appeared on the floor and roof consoles.

Image: 1966 Ford Thunderbird Town Landau

TOWN LANDAU (Blind Quarter Roof-Vinyl with S-Bars)

Body Serial Code:
Body Style Code: 63D
Color Shown: Ivy Green

Another new model for 1966, the Town Landau replaced the Landau for this one year only. Note the difference between this model and the Town Hardtop: the Town Landau features a Levant grain vinyl roof in Black, White, Parchment, or Sage Gold with color-coordinated S-Bars.

Inside, the Town Landau has the same standard equipment and features as the Town Hardtop, with the exception of the floor and roof consoles have a simulated woodgrain appearance, as does the steering wheel (without speed control), and both door panels have woodgrain inserts.

The designation "Town" identifies only the rear quarter roof line; the designation "Town Landau" requires the additional trim (vinyl roof, S-Bars, woodgrain,etc.) that are unique to the Town Landau only.

Image: 1966 Ford Thunderbird Convertible

CONVERTIBLE (Conventional Roof Styling with Folding Top)

Body Serial Code:
Body Style Code: 76A
Color Shown: Silver Mink (paint code E)

The 1966 Thunderbird Convertible retained the traditional roof line with triangular-shaped rear quarter side windows, similar to the Hardtop model. The power-operated folding top retracts into the luggage compartment.

This would be the final year for the factory Thunderbird Convertible model until 2002.

The Top Control is mounted on the floor console in the location where the Silent-Flo Rear Vent control is located on the other three models. The emergency flasher control and light is located on the map light assembly, as per the Hardtop model (click link in Hardtop section above for image).

The Town Landau was the best selling body style for 1966, followed in order by the Town Hardtop, Hardtop, and the Convertible. There were no special limited edition models built in 1966, and 1966 would be the final year for unitized body construction for the Thunderbird during the classic era.

The Town Hardtop was a 1966-only model, and would not be used again. The Town Landau would be brought back as a mid-year model for 1977, with a high level of standard luxury features and would continue for several more years. Ford considered calling the 1969 Thunderbird Tudor Landau a Town Landau, but that model name wasn't actually used, despite early ad mock ups that referenced it. A Town Sedan was also planned as a 1968 Thunderbird Fordor model, but it also was dropped before production.