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1970 Ford Thunderbird -
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Special Brougham Option
Interior Door Script
1970 Thunderbird Special Brougham Option interior with door panel script

For 1970, a new hyper-luxurious interior trim option was announced for the 2-door Thunderbird. As part of a "Special Brougham Option," this interior included high back front bucket seats with center console, cut pile carpeting on the floor and lower door panels, courtesy lights housed in the door panel arm rests, a rear center fold-down arm rest, additional simulated woodgrain trim on the instrument panel, a Three Spoke Rim-Blow steering wheel, unique door and rear quarter trim panels with Hopsack cloth inserts, assist straps on the front doors, and upholstery of Hopsack cloth and vinyl with unique Y-shaped color-keyed inserts and a Thunderbird emblem embroidered in the upper seat back.

This interior was available in black with white colored inserts, ginger with yellow inserts, dark blue with light blue inserts (shown below), dark red with bright red inserts, or (dark) ivy green with lime green inserts. Hopsack is a cloth with a rough, nubby texture, that generally wears well and is comfortable.

In addition to these unique interior features, the Special Brougham Option also included an exterior dress-up package which included white sidewall radial-ply tires, auxiliary grille lamps, color-keyed wheel covers, color-keyed front stone shield and deflector, vinyl insert bodyside moldings, and wheel lip moldings.

1970 Thunderbird Special Brougham Option interior shown in dark blueOne thing to look for on early 1970 Thunderbirds equipped with this option is the Thunderbird script on the door trim panel just above the pull strap (see photo at left). For some reason, the 1968-1971 Thunderbirds did not include an interior instrument panel script that identified the car. This script had been mounted on the instrument panel in front of the passenger on all 1958-1967 and 1972-1979 Thunderbirds, but was either overlooked for the 4 years spanning 1968-1971, or was intentionally eliminated for some unknown reason. Why this script was only included on a hand full of cars is not known, but cars with this script are the only ones in the 1968-1971 time period to bear any interior identification other than a Thunderbird emblem.

The Special Brougham Option was priced at $304 and was only available on the 2-Door Hardtop and 2-Door Landau models. Despite its relatively expensive additional cost, it was a fairly popular option and some of the items included, such as the auxiliary grille lamps, were not available separately from the Special Brougham Option. This optional package was only offered for 2 years, 1970 and 1971. A similar bucket seat and console arrangement was available optionally through 1973, but it did not include most of the other items that made up this package, nor did it include any exterior appearance items.

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