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1974 Ford Thunderbird
Burgundy Luxury Group

A new dimension in sheer, unadulterated luxury

1974 Thunderbird Burgundy Luxury Group at a glance:

Years available: 1974 only
Introduction date: January 1974
Number built: (researching)
Option cost: $411.00
Paint: Polar Burgundy Fire (2G)
Vinyl roof: Dark Red Odense Grain (researching code)
Interior trim: Dark Red Victoria Velour Cloth (trim code MD) or
Dark Red Leather Seating Surfaces (trim code KD)
Accent stripes: Gold (code G)

Image: 1974 Ford Thunderbird with Burgundy Luxury Group option

The Burgundy Luxury Group option was one of two Special Editions introduced in January 1974 for the Ford Thunderbird. Features in the option included:

  • Burgundy Fire finish
  • Dark Red Odense grain vinyl roof
  • Dark Red vinyl insert bodyside moldings
  • Dark Red Victoria Velour Cloth or
  • Dark Red Leather Seating Surfaces
  • 25-oz. color-keyed cut-pile carpeting
  • Wire Wheel Covers
  • Gold Thunderbird insignia in Opera Windows
  • Gold accent stripes
  • Deluxe Luggage Compartment Trim

You may call it burgundy, wine, maroon, dark red, or—if you're Ford Division—you might call it Rose Beige. Yes, Rose Beige is a very creative name for the rich, vibrant dark red hue, but Ford has always been creative, so it works (although it confuses restorers today, because Rose Beige on the 1963 Thunderbird is a metallic rose/lilac color. When used on the 1963 Thunderbird Limited Edition Landau for the vinyl roof covering or instrument panel/carpet color, it is a dark burgundy shade!)

Why burgundy? As a hue in the red family, it's exciting to people. It attracts attention. Stands out. It's rich. Burgundy is elegant, sophisticated, classic. Like a fine Burgundy from a top vineyard, the color demands respect.

Burgundy looks great in all seasons. It contrasts beautifully with the winter snow, glows with the first flowers of spring, sparkles next to the turquoise waters in summer, and blends beautifully with the vibrant yellows, oranges, and golds of fall leaves. Burgundy is not as sinister as black, not as nautical as navy blue, more exciting than forest green, and not as down to Earth as dark brown.

Ford chose burgundy as the feature color on several of its Special Edition cars. When it was called Rose Beige, it was the color of the vinyl roof, instrument panel, and carpeting on the 1963 Thunderbird Limited Edition Landau, as mentioned previously. It was the predominant color for this option, the Burgundy Luxury Group. Ford used it again in 1976 but called it the Bordeaux Luxury Group. And it was called Maroon on the 1979 Thunderbird Heritage Edition, and again it was chosen as the predominant color for that special model.

That makes burgundy the most popular choice for the Thunderbird Special Edition cars during the classic era. Other colors were used more than once as well, but never as often as burgundy. Many people who own a 1974 Thunderbird with the Burgundy Luxury Group may not even be aware that it's anything out of the ordinary. There is nothing on the car itself in the way of a plaque or special emblem to indicate its special status. So, if you happen to have a burgundy '74 Bird sitting around somewhere, you should probably be good to it, because they didn't make many of these! You're not likely to see a big premium due to the Burgundy Luxury Group if you decide to sell, but as collector interest in this body style grows, it could become a factor in the car's value.

We think this is an incredibly beautiful trim package. The Burgundy Fire paint was very shimmery, and the Dark Red vinyl roof with its Odense grain provided a nice texture and its rich color matched the paint finish. A Gold metallic accent stripe provided the perfect accent against the deeper paint color. Inside, soft, rich Victoria Velour that felt like cashmere, or genuine there anything more wonderful inside a car than leather? All in all, this is a beautiful Special Edition worth seeking out if you're searching for one of the full-size Thunderbirds. No matter what season it is outside, it'll look GREAT parked in your driveway!