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1974 Ford Thunderbird
White and Gold Luxury Group

A dramatic two tone color scheme not for the faint of heart

1974 Thunderbird White and Gold Luxury Group at a glance:

Years available: 1974 only
Introduction date: January 1974
Number built: (researching)
Option cost: $546.00
Paint: Polar White (9C) over Gold Fire (6G)
Vinyl roof: Gold Levant Grain (researching code)
Interior trim: White Leather Seating Surfaces with Gold Flare Vinyl Trim (trim code K8)
Accent stripes: Gold (code G)
Wide vinyl bodyside moldings: Gold vinyl (researching code)

Image: 1974 Ford Thunderbird with White and Gold Luxury Group option

The White and Gold Luxury Group option was introduced at mid-year for the 1974 Ford Thunderbird. It consisted of the following notable items:

  • Polar White finish with Gold Fire below moldings
  • Gold Levant grain vinyl roof
  • Gold wide vinyl bodyside moldings
  • White Leather Seating Surfaces
  • Gold Flare instrument panel and vinyl trim
  • 25-oz. color-keyed (Gold) cut-pile carpeting
  • Color-keyed Gold Fire Deluxe Wheel Covers
  • Gold Thunderbird insignia in Opera Windows
  • Gold accent stripes
  • Deluxe Luggage Compartment Trim

Ford executive Lee Iacocca was always looking for ways to maximize profit, and it was discovered in 1962 that by modifying production models to include special trim, a premium could be charged for them which was mostly profit.

The 1962 Thunderbird Sports Roadster and Landau models were versions of the production Hardtop and Convertible models, and helped to increase sales during the second year of the new body style introduced in 1961, which wasn't selling as well as the body style that had preceded it.

After the success of two new 1962 models, Ford built a 1963 Thunderbird Limited Edition Landau and limited production to just 2,000 cars. A 1965 Thunderbird Special Landau was released in the spring of 1965 to celebrate the Bird's tenth anniversary, and was limited to 4,500 copies. Both of these special edition models were based on the standard Landau model, and used a special combination of colors, materials, and trimmings not offered anywhere else. This worked so well for Ford Division that the folks over at Lincoln Division decided to do the same, and came out with a special 1973 Continental Mark IV Silver Luxury Group. Sales were very good for this car, as production wasn't limited by anything other than the customer's budget.

Not to miss out on a good thing, Ford got back in the act for 1974 with two special edition cars: the White and Gold Luxury Group and the Burgundy Luxury Group. Neither were limited production, but offered special color combinations, trim, and other appointments not available elsewhere. It was a brilliant idea that paid off quite well for Ford, and their designers would continue to come up with more unique special edition models over the years to come.