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Automotive Mileposts  
Optional Equipment
Thunderbird hood ornament
Creme and Gold Luxury Group* ($717 with velour trim; $793
     with leather trim)
Bordeaux Luxury Group* ($624 with velour trim; $700 with
     leather trim)
Lipstick Luxury Group* ($337 with vinyl trim; $546 with
     leather trim)
     (*See 1976 Thunderbird Interior Trim page for
     specifics on Luxury Group interiors)

Copper Decor Group (Includes Copper Starfire Glamour
  Paint, Copper Full Vinyl Roof, Copper Wide Vinyl
  Insert Bodyside Moldings, and Unique Tape Stripes ($370)
Luggage Compartment Dress-Up Trim ($59)
Starfire Glamour Paint ($204)
Wide Color-Keyed Vinyl Insert Bodyside Moldings ($121)
Dual Bodyside/Hood Paint Stripes ($33)
Kasman Cloth Trim ($96) New option for '76
Leather Seating Surfaces ($239)
Super-Soft Vinyl Seat Trim ($55)
WSW Steel-Belted Radial Ply Tires ($41)
Wide-Band WSW Steel-Belted Radial Ply Tires ($59)
     New option for '76
Deep-Dish Aluminum Wheels ($251) (Note: $163 with
     Bordeaux or Lipstick Luxury Groups)

Deluxe Wheel Covers ($67)
Simulated Wire Wheel Covers (Standard with Bordeaux and
     Lipstick Luxury Groups) ($88) (Note: Credit of $163
     if specified for Creme and Gold Luxury Group)

Anti-Theft Alarm System ($84)
Security Lock Group (Includes Locking Gas Cap, Spare
     Tire Lock and Lockable Inside Hood Release ($18)
Protection Group (Includes Front/Rear Color-Keyed Floor
     Mats with Carpet Inserts, License Plate Frames,
     Door Edge Guards, Spare Tire Cover and Rocker
     Panel Moldings ($79 without Rocker Panel Molding,
     $87 with Rocker Panel Molding) (Note: Rocker
     Panel Moldings not available with Luxury Groups.)

Front Cornering Lamps ($43)
Automatic Temperature Control ($88)
Tinted Glass ($66)
Convenience Group (Includes Right-Hand Remote Control
     Outside Mirror, Interval Windshield Wipers, and
     Automatic Seat Back Release ($84)
Light Group (Includes Autolamp On/Off Delay System,
     Passenger Lighted Visor Vanity Mirror, Dual Over-
     head Map/Dome Lights, Engine Compartment Light,
     Low Fuel and Door Ajar Warning Lights, Headlamps
     "On" Alert Buzzer, and Automatic Headlamp
     Dimmer ($164)
Driver's Lighted Visor Vanity Mirror ($43) New option for '76
Power Lock Group (Includes Electric Door Locks and Trunk
     Lid Release) ($86)
Power-Operated Sunroof ($716)
Power-Operated Glass Moonroof (Gold, Silver, Brown, Rose
     or Jade tint) ($879)
Manual Reclining Passenger Seat ($70)
Power 6-Way Driver's Seat ($132)
Power 6-Way Driver and Passenger Seats ($250)
Power Lumbar Seat, Driver Only ($86) New option for '76
Automatic Seat Back Release ($30)
Space Saver Spare Tire ($86)
Fingertip Speed Control ($120)
Turnpike Group (Includes Manual Reclining Passenger
     Seat, Fingertip Speed Control, and Trip Odometer)
Power Mini-Vent Windows ($79)
Electric Windshield/Rear Window Defrost ($355)
Electric Rear Window Defroster ($99)
Tilt Steering Wheel ($68)
AM/FM Stereo Radio ($145)
AM/FM Stereo Radio with Tape ($249)
AM/FM Stereo Search Radio ($298) New option for '76
AM/FM Stereo Radio with Quadrasonic Tape Player ($382)
     New option for '76
Power Antenna ($39)
Optional Axle Ratio (3.00:1) ($14)
Traction-Lok Differential ($55)
Four-Wheel Disc Brakes ($184)
Sure-Track Brake Control System (Includes Four-Wheel
     Disc Brakes) ($378)
Dual Exhaust System ($72)
Engine Block Heater ($18)
Heavy-Duty Suspension ($29)
Fuel Monitor Warning Light ($20) New option for '76
Trailer Towing Package, Class III (Includes Heavy-Duty
     Suspension, Extra-Cooling Package with Coolant
     Recovery System, Wiring Harness with Battery
     Charge Feature, Towing Plaque, and Auxiliary
     Transmission Oil Cooler ($92)
California Emission System ($50)
High Altitude Option ($13)

Power Glass Moonroof
Power Glass Moonroof was available in five colors of tinted glass (Gold, Silver, Brown, Rose, or Jade).

Power Mini-Vent Windows
Power Mini-Vent Windows work integrally with side door windows.

Electric Windshield/Rear Window Defrost
Gold-plated film embedded in windshield and rear window glass quickly melts snow and ice.

AM/FM Stereo Radio with Quadrasonic Tape Player
Quadrasonic sound systems were the latest thing in 1976, and this tape player made disco music sound almost as good as if you were on the dance floor at Studio 54! Includes front-rear and side-to-side balance control.

Fingertip Speed Control
Fingertip Speed Control featured all controls on the spokes of the steering wheel. Turn system on or off, set speed, or coast—all at the touch of a button. Also shown: Security Lock Group, Copper Decor Group interior trim, Electric Rear Window Defroster. (Click image to see larger version in new window or tab.)

Lipstick Luxury Group
1976 Thunderbird, above, with optional Lipstick Luxury Group. One of three Luxury Groups for 1976, the Luxury Group option would continue to grow in popularity in the coming years.

Bordeaux Luxury Group
The Bordeaux Luxury Group, above, was another distinctive Luxury Group option. Note the full vinyl roof, a mandatory feature of all Thunderbirds equipped with a Sunroof or Moonroof.

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