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"" December 18, 2004

Merry Christmas, My Friend We Remember Our Troops with this poem written by a soldier, and originally published for the 2001 Holiday season. We feel it bears repeating again in 2004. (Link deactivated.)


"" November 27, 2004

1967 Ford Deep-Padded Steering Wheel Hub

"" November 12, 2004

Classic Cars: Is One Enough? Is one ever enough? Can one classic car ever be enough to satisfy a collector? Is it better to have one pristine car that is dependable and show worthy, or lots of cars in various states of repair? Is it possible to resist the temptation of yet another classic car that catches your eye? If one Cadillac is good, two must be better, right? Full story

"" November 11, 2004

Image: Fall leavesThe Thanksgiving Thunderbird A Los Angeles radio station gave away a brand new 1970 Thunderbird in November, 1969!

"" November 3, 2004

AUTOPOSTS Forum New board is online now and is available for the pre-registration of members. Check back here (or on the new board) for updates.

"" November 1, 2004

New Book of the Month:
Thunderbird Fifty Years The latest from Alan Tast!


"" September 18, 2004

Is your car in the Top 10? Most Stolen Classic Vehicles

"" September 15, 2004

Thunderbird Fifty Years by Alan Tast and David Newhardt. Hardbound; 192 pages. Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Ford's legendary Thunderbird - coming up in 2005! More info | Click to buy now

"" September 6, 2004

Preventing Classic Car Theft

Nationally, a car is stolen every 25 seconds.

It is estimated that 1 out of every 170 cars in the U.S. is stolen every year.

A car can be stolen in under 2 minutes.

Time is the auto thief's enemy. The longer it takes to get the car moving, the more likely their chances of being caught. This is the area classic car owners should concentrate on when attempting to minimize their risk of having their collector car stolen. Full story


"" August 18, 2004

Classified Ad Translator Who says there's no such thing as truth in advertising? Here's what those glowing descriptions in car ads really mean!

"" August 8, 2004

Auto Restoration: Where To Begin Is there a right way and a wrong way to restore a classic car? Certainly there is! Today's amateur restorer has more information available to them than ever before on how to make repairs at home, what does and doesn't work, and which things are best left to professionals. However all too often we find restorations in progress where mistakes have been made that could be very expensive to repair down the road. Full story


July 26, 2004

Ford 427 V-8 Disclaimer

"" July 5, 2004

Now Available on DVD!UPDATED FOR DVD!
Movie & TV-Birds The largest and most complete listing of vintage Ford Thunderbirds used on classic and contemporary television shows, and in the movies! Now it's easier than ever to purchase DVDs, just look for the DVD icon. New titles coming soon!


"" June 19, 2004

Automotive Mileposts Troubleshooting/Tech Tips Series
Engine Running Hot? Burp It! Any time a cooling system is opened up for service, air gets in. Depending on how much air enters, it can cause problems for your cooling system. To cool efficiently, the coolant liquid must come in direct contact with hot engine surfaces to absorb heat as it moves through the engine, then it has to come in direct contact with the radiator surfaces as it passes through the radiator to dissipate that heat. This process repeated over and over keeps everything at proper temperature. Full story

"" June 12, 2004

Automotive Mileposts Troubleshooting/Tech Tips Series
Car Overheating? Every year, at about the time the weather starts warming up, it seems we start to receive inquiries about how to prevent a car from overheating. And each year, we have people tell us what they have done to attempt to correct the problem. Some are satisfied that the problem is corrected, while others are still suffering with a car that loses its cool. And some of the things people do to implement a fix surprise us, because they are actually creating more problems for themselves. Full story


"" April 30, 2004

Farewell, Oldsmobile Yesterday was a sad day in automotive history. The oldest and one of the most respected brands in the business has added its final chapter to the history books. The last Oldsmobile was assembled on Thursday, April 29th, 2004. It will be placed on display at the R. E. Olds Transportation Museum. Full story

"" April 11, 2004

Most Wanted Ford Thunderbird Models 1955-1979 You've admired them for years, longed for one, dreamed of owning one...and if you were to buy the ultimate, the very best of the best, the pick of the litter, these are the Thunderbirds you'd be searching for...


"" March 14, 2004

AUTOPOSTS Forum has been closed. Current/old board has now been deleted. New board is online now and is available for the pre-registration of members. Check back here (or on the new board) for updates.

"" March 13, 2004

1967 Thunderbird Front Bumper with Thermactor You might be surprised to learn there are two different bumpers!


"" February 19, 2004

Added The Weather Channel and improved news feed with search ability to Classic Car News/Recent Updates page.

"" February 13, 2004

Brand New Ford 427 Engine: $2,350.

"" February 13, 2004

Tire Age: Appearances Can Be Deceiving You might think the actual miles on a tire are the most important indicator of how long they will last, but that isn't really true. Most of the tires manufactured today will simply wear out due to normal use, and since people are driving more miles these days, the life expectancy of a tire can seem to be quite short when judged strictly by the amount of time in service. Full story


"" January 31, 2004

1975 Thunderbird Copper Luxury Group The Ford Thunderbird rolled into its 20th year in 1975, and as a way of celebrating the event, a distinctive Anniversary Edition Copper Luxury Group was available. Full story

"" January 23, 2004

Internet and eBay Abbreviations Now you can be an expert at deciphering all those abbreviations in E-mail, on auction listings, and every place else they pop up these days! Full story

"" January 10, 2004

Customer Comments Since going online in 2000, we've received thousands of messages from visitors to our site. Overwhelmingly, they have been filled with praise and nice comments. We thought we'd share a small sampling of them with you as we approach our fifth year on the Internet.

"" January 10, 2004

Radiator Hose Coils

"" January 9, 2004

Automatic Seat Back Release Fire Warning OK, heads up everyone with a 1970-1979 Ford Thunderbird Two Door, Continental Mark III, Lincoln Continental Coupe, or possibly many other cars equipped with automatic seat back release solenoids! Full story
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