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"" December 9, 2006

1959 Ford Thunderbird Convertible is the star in "Broken Wings" video by Mr. Mister from 1985.

"" December 1, 2006

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Happy Holidays Automotive Mileposts' 2006 Holiday Greeting Card


"" November 17, 2006

The Thanksgiving Thunderbird story returns for the Holiday, including a listing of Top 30 singles and popular movies for Thanksgiving 1969.

"" November 1, 2006

Automotive Book of the Month: Barrett-Jackson: The Greatest Collector Car Event in the World Available for pre-order now, publication on November 15, 2006.

THE SHOWROOM: 1958 Cadillac Commercial - "Cadillac's Finest" For just a moment, take a step back in time to 1958, when cars were huge, and chrome was the name of the game. Splendid!


"" October 15, 2006

UPDATED: 1963 Thunderbird Limited Edition Landau Updated page with additional information, photos, and details of this special car and the events in Monaco held to introduce the car to the public.

UPDATED: 1963 Thunderbird "Monaco" Landau Event Details of the International World Premiere Event introducing the Limited Edition Landau to the public, which coincided with the running of the 1963 Monte Carlo Rally.

UPDATED: 1976 Silhouette Mark IV Updated information including clarification of production numbers, additional assembly details, and color availability.

"" October 8, 2006

For Sale: 1968 Oldsmobile, No Engine | MILEPOSTS Garage Examines the recent explosion of low mileage, one owner original cars showing up for sale without engines and/or transmissions, due to a transplant into another car, normally a muscle car clone.

"" October 7, 2006

The Last American Car (Part Two) | MILEPOSTS Garage Originally intended for publication on December 28, 2005, we delayed publishing this due to the strong reaction the original story received. This is the author's response to comments about the original story, which you can read here.

"" October 1, 2006

UPDATED: 1965 Thunderbird Special Landau All you ever wanted to know about the unofficial 10th Anniversary Limited Edition Thunderbird - now with new information!

UPDATED: A special car deserves a special page, and we've dressed up the 1965 Thunderbird Special Landau: The Story of One Car page. Covering a decade, this is the fond recollection of a man who remembers a Special Landau belonging to the neighbor of a childhood friend.

NEW: 1965 Thunderbird Special Landau: 4,500 or 4,576 Built? The mystery of the personalized limited edition numbered nameplate finally solved!


"" September 17, 2006

THE SHOWROOM: Watch an elegant Ford advertisement announcing the new 1960 Fords, highlighting the Galaxie, Thunderbird, and new Falcon. Glamorous, elegant and created when the new model year was something to really get excited about! 1960: A Wonderful New World of Fords

1970 Thunderbird—Did You Know? Ford had to make changes to the brake and sequential turn signal lights during 1970 production to comply with 1970 Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.


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"" June 18, 2006

Automotive Book of the Month | Muscle: America's Legendary Performance Cars

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